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I Want My Mummy
Season: 2
Episode: 38 (season)
64 (series)
Production Code: 235
Guest Stars: Jason Brooks as Dakota Smith
Director: Phill Lewis
Originally Aired: May 18, 2007
"The Suite Life Goes Hollywood"

"I Want My Mummy" is the 38th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody get involved with damaging an ancient artifact while Esteban tries to stop a curse.


When Zack and Cody knock an ancient mummy off a balcony, Zack dresses Cody up to replace him for the exhibit, but loses him while trying to find him.

Meanwhile, Esteban is scared of the curse of the mummy, so he and Maddie try to swap the mummy for Maddie's old doll wrapped in gauze. However, they later find that the original mummy was fake too. The archaeologist angrily tells them that while the gold treasures are real, no one cared about them unless he found a mummy to go with them. So he created a fake so his hard work could be displayed.

In the end the artifacts are returned to their tomb, and the display becomes about Mr. Tipton's greatest treasure: London.

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  • Mr. Moseby: (to Dakota) Although I would be away at the wedding this weekend, I assure you, your exhibit will completely safe, I had put my best man in charge. Skippy!
    • Skippy: Yes sir?
  • Dakota: This is your best man?
    • Mr. Moseby: Actually, my best man is getting married, my second best man is out, my third best man is the best man in my first best man's wedding. So, technically, he's my forth best man.
    • Skippy: Oh, shucks. I'm flattered.
  • Esteban: (to London) Oh, Miss London. Queen Qui Qui must go home or she will punish us all!
    • London: Esteban, stop being ridiculous and take off that silly hat.
    • Esteban: This is my hat of protection. The garlic keeps away the dead.
    • London: It does a good job on the living, too.
  • Cody: It's just not fair!
    • Zack: Moseby won't let us in to see them set up the exhibit 'cause he's afraid we'll break something.
    • Carey: Well, you did break the chandelier in the ballroom and the vent in the lounge, and that statue in the atrium...
    • Zack: What's your point?
  • Esteban: (to Maddie) We must return Queen Qui Qui back home before we are cursed.
    • Maddie: By the way, what exactly does this curse do to you?
    • Esteban: Well, Let's just say that you spend your life in agonizing toil and poverty.
    • Maddie: I got that now.
    • Esteban: Your skin melts off, your eyes explode and your hair burst into flames.
    • Maddie: Eww! Oh, that would so put a damper on prom!
  • Cody (while walking into Dakota's room to sneak a peek at the mummy) Zack, I don't know...
    • Zack: Don't worry, Dakota's downstairs dusting his pyramid. Now, c'mon.
    • Cody: How did you get that pass key?
    • Zack: I just asked Skippy for his. He'll give you anything if you ask for it. I even got his wallet!
    • London: (to the protesters outside the hotel) Hey lady, if you want to protest something, you should protest that outfit! It's hideous.
  • Esteban: (to Maddie) Okay, so how is Holly the Dolly going to help us get the mummy back home?
    • Maddie: We just have to wrap her up in this (unrolls a roll of gauze), put her in a crate to get past Skippy, then switch her with the real mummy which we'll bring down here and deliver to Ambassador Pepe. He's going back to Qum Qum for the Iguana festival.
    • Esteban: He is? I can't believe I missed it again! I love the Running of the Iguanas!
    • Maddie: The Running of the Iguanas?
    • Esteban: It used to be the Running of the Chameleons, but no one can ever see them.


  • The title of this episode, "I Want My Mummy", is an allusion to a common children's phrase, "I want my mommy."
  • This is the first episode directed by Phill Lewis.
  • Dakota Smith is a parody of Indiana Jones.


  • Zack starts wrapping Cody in plain white bandages, but when he's done, they are soiled and tattered. Also, Cody's face is painted to match the wraps.
  • When the mummy falls past Carey's suite window, the mummy is bigger than it was on the coffin.
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