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In the Line of Duty
In the Line of Duty 2.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 3 (season)
24 (series)
Production Code: 201
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Erin Cardillo as Ms. Tutweiller
Windell D. Middlebrooks as Kirby Morris
Marisa Theodore as Cara
Writer: Jeff Hodsden, Tim Pollock
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: August 21, 2009
"Kitchen Casanova"

"In the Line of Duty" is the 3rd episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Mr. Moseby and Miss Tutweiller are rushing to a classroom that has just been stink bombed and find out that Zack was the cause. When they ask why, Zack states that he caused the accident to prove to his science teacher that he could create a chemical reaction. Moseby and Tutweiller then take him away to be punished. Moseby opts for permanent detention until graduation. But Miss Tutweiller asks for Zack to be hall monitor instead, as she would have to be the one to stay with him during each detention session. Moseby disagrees saying they just need to throw Zack in the brig, but ends up going with Tutweiller’s idea.

London bribing Zack

While that is going on, Cody and Bailey are seen on the Sky Deck trying to plan a date, but neither have time as they are both busy with class, tutoring, and work. Bailey also mentions that she is trying to get a job due to her parents being sued by their neighbors.

Later, Kirby is showing Zack the ropes for being a hall monitor, but so far Zack isn’t doing that good of a job. Kirby gives a lecture about how aware a hall monitor has to be or the kids will sneak by with whatever they want, while some kids sneak past him. Zack tries again by stopping Woody and giving him a detention.

Meanwhile, Bailey is still looking for a job at a newly opened boutique, One of a Kind. When she arrives she meets up with London, who is the owner of the store. After a quick interview, Bailey ends up with the job.

In the meantime, Zack is really taking his job as hall monitor seriously. Moseby shows up and comments about the great job he is doing, and the two bond over their liking of the rush of catching people doing something wrong. Zack states that he finally understands Mr. Moseby. Moseby is overjoyed, stating that Zack has really changed. Miss. Tutweiller walks by and Mr. Moseby admits that she was right and gives her a hug, but Zack gives them detention for public display of affection.

Simultaneously, Bailey completes her first sale at One of a Kind. However, when London finds out, she gets mad at Bailey. Bailey asks why (seeing London hired her as a sales girl), but London says she only hired Bailey because she was under qualified and thought that she wouldn’t have been able to sell anything. Bailey then asks why London would open a store if she didn’t want to sell anything. London goes on to explain that her father wouldn’t let her expand her closet, so she opened a store as a masquerade for her closet (hence the name of One of a Kind, seeing the clothes are only London’s size and there are only one of each). Bailey still gets paid, but now to scare away customers instead of selling to them.

Cody turns up and suggests that they meet up after curfew. Bailey is shocked, but likes Cody’s new bad boy attitude, but then his nerdiness kicks in and falls and ends up with a pink boa on his neck.

Later that night, Cody and Bailey meet up with each other on the Sky Deck. Everything is ruined when Zack stops them as they are about to kiss. Zack then busts them for sneaking out after curfew. Cody tries to talk Zack out of giving them both detentions. Zack still gives them detention, saying how he doesn’t make the rules, he just enforces them. Cody gets mad that Zack has finally read a book and furiously throws the book overboard. Zack tells Cody to assume the position, but Cody resists and ends up getting harassed by Zack.

The next day, Bailey is back working at One of a Kind. London gets mad because there is a customer in the dressing room, and she tells Bailey to get rid of her. Bailey isn’t having a good day because she has detention that day, her job doesn’t make any sense, and her boyfriend is a victim of hall monitor brutality. Bailey goes

In the Line of Duty.jpg

up to the customer and tries to nicely to tell the customer the dress isn’t for her. But when the customer tells Bailey that her boyfriend might be proposing to her, Bailey feels bad and allows her to buy the dress. However, London finds out and angrily chases after Bailey which leads to them getting detentions from Zack for running in the hallway.

While in detention, Zack makes a snide comment about how superior he feels to everybody in there. Miss Tutweiller blows a big spitball at him in disgust. He goes to turn around and she places the spitball on Cara's desk so she will be framed for it instead of her. She earns a glare from him and glares herself at Miss Tutweiller in anger at framing her for her own actions. After Zack puts all of his friends in detention, he now faces the aftermath of his job. All of his friends now hate him. Kirby tells him that being in law enforcement is hard, lonely, and stressful life. Zack rushes off to Mr. Moseby to quit his job. They have a conversation about how Zack goes to the extremes with everything and that he should find a balance. And even though Zack doesn’t agree with it saying it is boring, he says that he will try, but not before he gets detention to make it up to his friends as he sets off another sink bomb.

Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey are in detention. They realize that it is not so bad, for they finally get to be together. They go in for a kiss, but they are interrupted by Miss. Tutweiller, saying there is no kissing in detention which causes London to stop kissing herself in the mirror. But sneaks another one. Kirby brings Zack in for detention. Zack thinks that everything will be alright, but his classmates still are mad at him and try to get revenge, which Miss. Tutweiller conveniently misses with a coffee break.

The episode ends with Bailey called to the boutique by London. It seems that Wilfred (London’s father) found out about London’s scheme and is now forcing her to sell knick-knacks in her store. So now Bailey gets paid to do an actual job and is able to be nice to customers.

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  • Cody's line, "Bailey's comet," is a reference to 1P/Halley, known as Halley's Comet.
  • Moseby is revealed to have a jacket that dispenses several pocket hankies in several folding styles out of its pocket


  • If London was not able to pay Maddie when they didn’t sell anything in Nugget of History how could she pay Bailey when they didn’t sell anything
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