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Irene (concierge)
Sharon Jordan as Irene
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult [SLOZAC]
Lives In: Boston, USA
Production Info
Portrayed by: Sharon Jordan

Irene the Concierge (Sharon Jordan) is a minor character from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody who works in the lobby of the Tipton Hotel.


Irene works at the concierge desk in most episodes and has a speaking role in a handful. In "Boston Tea Party", she organizes a table for rich London in Zack's dream. In "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana", Irene tells Raven that her flight has been canceled much to Raven's dismay. Though Irene never speaks in the episode "Nurse Zack", she does sabotage Maddie's candy cart to win employee of the month. In "Orchestra", she teaches London how to be a concierge but London fails spectacularly and manages to cause Irene an injury which forces her to wear a neck brace. During "Let Us Entertain You", she answers personal phone calls during a telethon which gets Mr. Moseby frustrated.

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Sharon as Irene

Sharon Jordan as Irene the Concierge

Irene is rather tall and has curly red hair, and hazel eyes that look green sometimes.

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  • Irene shares her name with the ghost of suite 613.
  • Irene was named after one of the executive directors of the show, Irene Dreayer.
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