It's All Greek to Me
Season: 1
Episode: 7 (season)
7 (series)
Production Code: 106
Special Guest: Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hochauser, Milos (dual role)
John Kapelos as Elias
Adam Bay as Adonis
Originally Aired: November 7, 2008
"International Dateline"
"Sea Monster Mash"

"It's All Greek to Me" is the 7th episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. When the S.S. Tipton docks in Athens, Greece, the twins meet Arwin's cousin, Milos. But when he accidentally switches a replica and a real artifact, they have to recover the fake before they're found out. Meanwhile, London Tipton struggles to write a speech to present at the museum about the artifact, but finally writes it with some inspiration from a dream about Aphrodite.


Zack and Cody video chat Arwin, who informs them that his cousin works at a museum the class will be visiting. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby tells London that her father expects her to give a speech when the museum displays a new exhibit he funded. When they arrive at the museum, London directs Bailey's attention at Adonis, the student tour guide. When they start flirting, Cody gets upset. To win her over, Milos suggests getting her the souvenir replica of the Amulet of Aphrodite. When he runs into the museum owner, he accidentally switches the souvenir replica and the real Amulet. Cody finds out a little too late, however, and the real Amulet is already around Bailey's neck. At the same time, Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller are once again telling London that she must take the speech seriously. To avoid doing the work, she first copies Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, which is immediately recognized by Mr. Moseby. When the adults realize that with her own words, London only wrote two words of her speech, they encourage London to read about Greek mythology. While reading, London nods off and dreams of Aphrodite and Zeus. This inspires her, and she delivers a brilliant speech at the museum later that day. After London finishes her speech, everyone leaves the room, letting the kids, who are disguised as statues, make the switch. The museum owner catches them in the act and are ready to arrest them, but Milos explains the accidental mistake and gets fired. With London's help, Milos is promoted to vice president of the gift shop.


  • London: Ladies and quentlemen...
    • Mr. Moseby: (to Ms. Tutweiller) Get ready to flee the country quickly.
  • Cody: Look, by mistake, I gave you the real Amulet of Aphrodite.
    • Bailey: You mean this is the actual priceless artifact? I wore it in the hot tub!
    • Zack: Huh? Oh, great. So we'll be returning it clean.
  • Aphrodite (London): Wow, I look great! No wonder I'm the Goddess of Beauty.
    • Hermes (Mr. Moseby): Good morning, Aphrodite.
    • Aphrodite: Hi, Herman.
    • Hermes: It's Hermes, messenger of the gods.
    • Aphrodite: Whatever.
    • Hermes: I bring you a message from your father Zeus.
    • Aphrodite: Don't tell me he's marrying Medusa! Her hair is terrible.
  • Ms. Tutweiller: Mr. Moseby? Do the faces on those statues look familiar to you?
    • Mr. Moseby: How old do you think I am?
  • Milos: Why have I not seen any wedding pictures yet?
    • Arwin: They're...still in my camera?
    • Milos: It's been four years!
  • Bailey: I'm Bailey. I don't suppose the boys have mentioned me.
    • Arwin: Are you kidding? Cody sent me a nine-page e-mail just about your hair.


  • Milos is a Greek island where the famous statue Venus de Milo (translation: "The Aphrodite of Milos") was found.
  • Adonis was the lover of Aphrodite, until Persphone fell for his beauty. The same happened with Bailey and London, who both liked him.
  • Cody, Zack, and Bailey are seen using an Apple Macbook. Also Milos is using a Macbook. For legal reasons, the word "Macbook" and the Apple logo were covered up by stickers.
  • Arwin appears via video chat.
  • This is the only appearance and mention of Arwin's cousin, Milos, who is also played by Brian Stepanek, who plays Arwin.
  • Aphrodite is credited as Zeus's daughter; in classical mythology, her parentage is disputed; some claim she was born to Zeus and the goddess Dione, while others claim she was born from the ocean after Cronus (Zeus's father) castrated his father Uranus and his genitals fell into the water.


  • London says that "gentlemen" is spelled with a silent "q", but later says it with a "q" ("quentlemen").
  • In this episode, London says she's been speaking since she was nine, but in the episode "A London Carol", during a flashback, she is seen speaking at the age of seven.


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