Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Suite 2310 in Tipton Hotel (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody)
SS. Tipton (The Suite Life on Deck)
Husband: Scamp Fitzpatrick
Children: Prince Percival Percimmon DuLac and Scruffy Fitpatrick (sons), Maria Consuelo Margarita del Cielo Fitpatrick (daughter) Moseby's Unnamed puppy (gender unknown), two unnamed puppies (genders unknown)
Owners: London Tipton
Employment: London's pet
Production Info
Portrayed by: Emma Stone (voice)
First Appearance: Hotel Inspector [SLOZAC]
The Kidney of the Sea [SLOD]
Last Appearance: Sleepover Suite [SLOZAC]
The Defiant Ones [SLOD] (mentioned)

Ivana Priscilla Veronica Tipton-Fitzpatrick is a character on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. She is voiced by Emma Stone. She is a minor character.

Character information

Ivana's the pet dog of Tipton Hotel heiress, London Tipton (who is a parody of Paris Hilton). Ivana's named after two different people: one of Donald Trump's ex-wives and a girl who was supposed to have a role on the show (nobody knows what happened to the girl—if she quit, was fired, etc.). Since London's often compared to Paris Hilton, Ivana's the counterpart of Tinkerbell, Paris's pet Chihuahua.

Ivana's a purebred Pomeranian, and she doesn't talk to the human characters, but communicates with Maddie's dog, Scamp, who she falls in love with in Crushed and has a litter of puppies with at the end. However, in To Catch a Thief, Maddie treated Ivana like she was an actual person (like how London does), while London herself was away on a trip and was unable to bring Ivana with her. In that case, Ivana barked and was given sub-titles (Maddie was shown to have understood her like London does).

When Ivana has puppies with Maddie's dog Scamp, Maddie names her puppy Scruffy and London names hers Prince Percival Persimmon Du Loc and Esteban names his Maria Consuela Margarita Fransesca DeCielo.

There was a book about Ivana in one episode called Ivana Lives In A Hotel. London stole the idea from Maddie for a short story assignment and gets an 'A', and in the end it becomes apparent that Maddie remembered it subconsciously from a book her mother used to read to her when she was little called Little Doggy Who Lives In A Hotel, and gave the idea to London.

At first, London looked down on Scamp, who had to stay at The Tipton Hotel because Maddie's house was being fumigated, and set Ivana up with a "fancy pants" white Pomeranian duke named Lord Quorckeran, (whom Ivana wasn't fond of, despite what London thought). Then Scamp showed up and whisked Ivana to Suite 25. Esteban had been secretly feeding them, and stated "they are in love and they are not to be bothered". When Moseby was showing the Ambassador to his assigned suite, the dogs were found out on the couch. London eventually saw that Ivana was happy with Scamp and Maddie and London eventually accepted their love and realized they were in laws now (which scared London). They ended up having four puppies: Maddie's (called Scruffy Fitzpatrick), London's (called Prince Percival Percimmon Du Lac), Moseby's (Unnamed), Esteban's (called Maria Consuela Margarita Fransesca DeCielo) and two puppies that were left in a cage, to be given away, possibly.

Ivana's shown to be aware of London's lack of intelligence, stating, "You also think one and one is four," when London thought that Ivana liked the Pomeranian duke. But it's not that suprising the Ivana's smarter than London is. Also, it's possible that London might have another dog, because in "Footloser", when Maddie owed London money, and London was making her do things, Esteban said, "She's making you give her Shih Tzu a shiatsu." While it is entirely that London might have another dog, it's also possible that Esteban may have mistaken Ivana for a Shih Tzu or was simply trying to make a play on words.

She's mostly seen in the first season of the original series, and not as much in the second or third seasons. Ivana only makes one appearance in The Suite Life on Deck, in the episode The Kidney of the Sea.

Episodes Ivana appears in (The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody)

Episodes Ivana appears in (The Suite Life On Deck)


  • The dog that played was actually a male dog and not a female.