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James Smith
James Smith
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Interns: Cody Martin
Zack Martin
Nemesis: Red Finger
Production Info
Portrayed by: Gildart Jackson
First Appearance: "The Spy Who Shoved Me"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "The Spy Who Shoved Me"[SLOD]

James Smith (referred to simply as Smith) is a super spy who only appears in the episode "The Spy Who Shoved Me." He is a parody of James Bond.


He came to Zack and Cody, wanting them to work as his secret agents. After they agree, he tells him that he is a top secret super spy in need of their help. He then eats a "prune bar", making him have to use the toilet very bad. He quickly tells them that they must get a micro-chip from fellow agent Red Finger. Once they have gotten the micro-chip, he is still on the toilet. The twins are captured and taken back to Red Finger, who tells them that Smith is a liar. They get the micro-chip back, but Smith claims that he was telling the truth. The twins discover that Smith is actually working for a restaurant that rivals the restaurant that Red Finger works for. The micro-chip is then sent to Bailey's grandmother.


  • Despite being a parody of James Bond, the two actually show some differences.
    • Smith is just a temporary agent to recover the lost recipe, though Bond works as a full-time spy.
    • Smith lies to the twins about being a spy, whereas Bond doesn't generally lie to his allies.
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