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Jessica and Janice Ellis
Jessica Janice SLOD.jpg
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:
Season 2: 13-14
The Suite Life on Deck:
Season 2: 16-17
Friends: Zack, Cody, Bob
Production Info
Portrayed by: Rebecca and Camilla Rosso
First Appearance: Twins at the Tipton (TSLOZAC)
Model Behavior (TSLOD)
Last Appearance: Benchwarmers (TSLOZAC)
Model Behavior (TSLOD)

Jessica and Janice Ellis (Rebecca and Camilla Rosso) are recurring characters in The Suite Life Series. Jessica and Janice appear in 6 episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody throughout season 2 -3, and later star in an episode of The Suite Life on Deck. Given their accent, and confusion over some American customs, they are likely from an upper-class British family.

In the Show

Jessica and Janice are identical twins from United Kingdom. They speak quite posh in a British accent, so some people don't understand exactly what they are saying. When one says something like "Oh that was good", the other says "No really good" and then "Yes, really really good". It's possible that Jessica doesn't like pizza, because in her and sister's debut episode, she was intrigued yet disgusted by the idea of a seven meat pizza.

Zack really likes the two girls and often tries to impress them, even sometimes by dissing Cody. However, much to Zack's dismay, the girls end up liking Cody more because of his sensitive personality. When Cody was upset over a recent break-up, both girls comforted him after tearfully remembering their own problems with love -- they also called out Zack on his insensitivity towards his brother's situation.

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