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Karate Kid-tastrophe is the fifth episode in Season 4 of JESSIE and the 83rd episode overall. It aired

Karate Kid-tastrophe
Mr. Moseby's cameo on Jessie
Season: 4
Episode: 5 (season)
Production Code: 403
Writer: Adam Lapidus
Director: Bob Koheer
Originally Aired: March 27, 2015
"Moby & SCOBY"
"Basket Case"
on March 27, 2015. This episode scored 2.0 million viewers. Mr. Moseby made an appearance.


Emma rebels and gets suspended from school. She runs away but Jessie finds her and gets her to reveal what's wrong. Ravi tries to rebel too, but it goes wrong and a grueling assignment allows Luke to teach Zuri karate because of an upcoming belt test required to break a board.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jess King as Karate Instructor

Special Guest Cast


  • This episode aired in Canada on February 17, 2015.
  • This episode is part Disney Channel's "TUNE IN 4 WHAT?!" weekend.
  • This episode reunited Phill Lewis and Debby Ryan, who worked on the Disney Channel Show "The Suite Life on Deck".
  • It's revealed after the events of "Suite Life On Deck", Marion became manager of the Tipton Hotel in New York, not in Boston. No one knows what happened to the old Hotel.
  • Cody and Bailey are mentioned in this episode.
  • Mr. Moseby's fiancee is named Emma.
  • Three of the Suite Life series actors crossover to Jessie. Matthew Timmons plays Max Bauer, who is Jessie's agent, also played Woody Fink and Brian Stepanek who played Arwin, acted as Mr. Collinsworth, and Phill Lewis who directed a few episodes of Jessie return as Mr. Moseby.
  • This is TSLOZAC/Jessie's fifth crossover.
  • It is revealed that Emma's middle name is "Evangeline".
  • Moseby states that Jessie looks exactly like Bailey Pickett from The Suite Life On Deck, since Debby Ryan played both of them.
  • This is the second time Emma turns 'good girl gone bad', the first time being in the episode "Badfellas" when she was wrongfully influenced by Vincent Liotta.
  • Luke has a second Jessie Movie "Jessie at the Beach" in which he made her run slowly


  • Ravi Ross said he had dyed his hair from chestnut brown to acorn brown, but if he had dyed it, it turned out black, not any shade of brown.


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JESSIE "Karate Kid-tastrophe" Sneak Peek Tune In 4 What?!

JESSIE "Karate Kid-tastrophe" Sneak Peek Tune In 4 What?!

JESSIE - Karate Kid-tastrophe - Tune In 4 What?! - Exclusive Clip

JESSIE - Karate Kid-tastrophe - Tune In 4 What?! - Exclusive Clip

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