Kettlecorn Kansas.jpg
Location: Kansas
Occupants: Bailey Pickett
Clyde Pickett
Eunice Pickett
Grammy Pickett
First Appearance: "Twister: Part 2"
Last Appearance: "Twister: Part 3"

Kettlecorn, Kansas is a small town where Bailey Pickett was born and raised. She is inbred.


In "Twister: Part 2", Kettlecorn is seen for the first time. It is described by London as "a corn country." It is an extremely country place, even where "The Web" is a giant spider web on a barn where people hang notes, "MISSING" posters, and advertisements. Besides in the "Twister" series, Kettlecorn has also been mentioned several times by Bailey. Kettlecorn is a very small town in Kansas. It is basically a farming town. In "Mulch Ado About Nothing", Moose comes aboard the S.S. Tipton when Bailey is homesick. Cody throws her a party based on the scenery of Kettlecorn in order to try and make her feel better. Kettlecorn has also suffered various trials, tribulations and plagues such as frost, locusts, tornadoes, mudslides and famine.


Twister: Part 2

Bailey returns to Kettlecorn for Grammy Pickett's 90th birthday. Bailey's parents are also met, Eunice and Clyde Pickett. Moose also returns in Twister: Part 2. Cody heads to Kettlecorn to win Bailey back, but when a twister hits, everyone must climb into the storm cellar. In the storm cellar, Cody and Bailey finally get back together. When the tornado is over though, most of Kettlecorn has been destroyed, including the Pickett's family farm.

Twister: Part 3

In Twister: Part 3, Zack, Woody, and Moseby arrive in Kettlecorn to find it completely destroyed. Also, Cody calls Mr. Tipton to try and get him to help repair the Pickett's family farm. When he arrives though, he ends up buying the farm and plans on destroying it and turning it into a plastic bag factory. Cody and Bailey create a plan to stop Mr. Tipton from destroying the farm, but it does not work. Finally, London gets her father not to destroy the farm, and the Picketts get it back.

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