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Khun Yai
Khun Yai
Khun Yai Meeting London in Thailand
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Thailand
In-Laws: Wilfred Tipton (Ex-son in Law)
Children: Li
Grandchildren: London Tipton
Friends: Bailey Pickett, London Tipton
Employment: Her own rice farm
Production Info
First Appearance: "Family Thais"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Family Thais"[SLOD]

Khun Yai is the grandmother of London Tipton. She is currently living in Thailand. She had a daughter who became London's mother, thus making her London's maternal grandmother.


London and Bailey go and visit London's grandmother who turns out to be a farmer. Bailey, having come from an agricultural background, fits in well with the rice farm, but London thinks her grandmother's lifestyle is very dirty and poor, so she tries to upgrade the farm with lavish gifts. Khun Yai is ill at ease with all this, and London finally understands her grandmother's spartan life, although she keeps the big-screen TV.

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