Kisses & Basketball
Kisses and Basketball
Max about to kiss Zack
Season: 1
Episode: 22 (season)
22 (series)
Production Code: 120
Originally Aired: January 1, 2006
"Christmas at the Tipton"
"Pilot Your Own Life"

"Kisses & Basketball" is the 22nd episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Max kisses Zack after winning a basketball game, leaving Zack speechless and taking a toll on their friendship. Meanwhile, London gets a letter from her father, threatening her to disinherit her if she does not stop over-spending.


After winning their basketball game, Max accidentally kisses Zack, and later at their celebration party, everyone teases that Zack kissed a girl. Zack then retorts that it was "not a girl, it was Max," insinuating that she was a boy. Max then gets mad at Zack, ruining their chance of winning next time due to the fact that she refuses to work with him. At the next practice, after stomping off to the GIRLS' locker room (which she makes very clear,) Cody and Tapeworm pull Zack aside and tell him he has to "take one for the team" and ask Max out. Zack reluctantly concedes and asks Max on a date to the Tipton's restaurant. when she comes out of the locker room, to which she breathlessly agrees to.

That night, Zack is seen sitting at his and Max's reserved table talking to Patrick, and talking about how she'll probably show up in shorts with a basketball. Shortly after, Max arrives in a dress with her hair done, and Zack has a "jaw-drop" moment. Patrick tells Zack that she is "out of his league."

As the dinner goes on, Zack and Max have a great time, shooting spitballs and laughing. At the end, Zack lets it slip that he was forced to go on the date, and even though he tries to tell Max that he's glad he came now, she shoves a sundae in his face and storms away.

At their next basketball game, Zack is completely out of sorts, missing easy shots and passes. Arwin finally takes him out and puts Cody in instead. Cody manages to score a goal accidentally, but is hurt in the process, meaning Zack will have to go back in. Arwin has Zack and Max talk for thirty seconds to sort things out, and they talk about how they miss just "liking" each other and how things got weird after it changed to "like you like you." They agree to pretend none of it ever happened, and are friends again. When the games starts again, they have five seconds to get a goal; Max passes it to Zack in the final seconds and they score, winning the game.

Meanwhile, London's shopping addiction gets out of hand. Maddie tries to help her get out of it. Maddie finds out London's shopping addiction is caused by her father's absence (such as missing her 10th birthday and her weekend beach house party).


Maddie: Give me back the purse!
London: NO! I will not give up my credit cards!
Maddie: I don't care about your credit cards. I want my inhaler!
Arwin: Okay, we're only down by five and we haven't been playing our best.
Max: Zack.
Arwin: Now, I don't want to single anyone out...
Max: Zack.
Arwin: ... but we gotta' get our heads in the game.
Max: Right, Zack?
Cody: I haven't spent 3 months getting butt blisters just to watch us lose!
Arwin: Cody, check in.
Cody: In where?
Arwin: In the game.
Cody: I can't go out there! They're playing!
Arwin: I know, I need you to go in there for your brother. You couldn't possibly play any worse than he is.
Cody: Just watch me!
Carey: What's the matter, honey? Gotta go potty?
Cody: Mom, I'm going in the game.
Carey: I get to wash two uniforms tonight! Smile! (takes picture)
Max: Well I did, but the like-you like you made me not like-you like you or like you.
Max: To the shower, the girl shower, since I'm a girl! (leaves the gym)
Zack: What's her problem?
Tapeworm: You said she wasn't a girl. Girls don't like that.
Cody: You think?!
London: (to Maddie about her credit cards) Take care of my babies. They like to be taken out twice a day.
Cody and Tapeworm: Zack kissed a girl! Zack kissed a girl!
Carey: You guys are so immature.
Arwin: A girl! A girl! He kissed a girl, a female! A female!


  • The title of this episode, "Kisses & Basketball," is an allusion to the 2000 romantic drama film, Love & Basketball.
  • Zack and Max's kiss was censored out in the UK, Ireland, and Croatia.
  • Zack gets his first kiss in this episode.
  • This is Tapeworm's last appearance in the show.


  • When Max finds out that Zack only went out with her as a pity date, she shoves ice cream into his face and a lot of ice cream went onto Zack's suit, but when Max leaves his face is nearly clean and the ice cream on his suit just disappears completely. Zack did not wipe it off.
  • The purple outfit on the mannequin in London's closet that she claims she only bought (so someone else couldn't) is the same one she wore in "Big Hair & Baseball."
  • London mentions that she's never been poor; she was, in fact, in "Poor Little Rich Girl."