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Kitchen Casanova
Cody and Bailey Kitchen Casanova.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 4 (season)
25 (series)
Production Code: 202
Guest Stars: Leslie-Anne Huff as Reina
Originally Aired: September 4, 2009
"In the Line of Duty"
"Smarticle Particles"

"Kitchen Casanova" is the 4th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. When the cooking teacher accidentally gets injured, Cody fills in and becomes the star chef that all the girls fawn over. Trying to win her man back, Bailey does everything she can to be noticed. Meanwhile, London plans to use Zack's artwork for art class, but ends up selling it to someone for thirty thousand dollars.


Bailey, Woody and Addison sign up for Home Economics (or Cooking Class), but find out that their teacher was chopping onions when the ship hit a big wave (which wasn't pretty), and Cody will be filling in for the teacher. The other girls in the class begin to become extremely flirty with Cody, which makes Bailey jealous. This is furthered when Cody asks the class to make cookies. When the girls get their grades back they have "A"s or "A+"s, but Bailey receives a "C+". Bailey tries to see is she can make Cody jealous back by pretending to be flirting with Woody. She gets into a fight with Reina in class while Cody freaks out about them not using utensils right. Cody has a talk with Bailey and finds out why she was acting weird. They make up and go back to being the way they always were.

Meanwhile, when Zack sneezes food on an art canvas, he sells it to London for her to use as her art project. London runs into an old friend who buys it from her for $30,000. London continues buying Zack's paintings and selling them for more money until he finds out that London has been selling his paintings and passing off that he was a French artist. He breaks it off with London and starts an art show to sell them for himself. A crowd gathers to the art show, but nobody is bidding. Everyone begins to leave, all except London who tells Zack the only reason people wanted his paintings was because she did. Zack asks if she can split the money with him and she agrees, but tells him that she spent all of it on the outfit she was already wearing.


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