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Knuut Martins is one of Zack's and Cody's ancestors and the brother of Olaf. He was first seen in The Suite Life on Deck episode "The Swede Life". He is portrayed by Dylan Sprouse who also portrayed Knuut's descendant, Zack Martin.


The Suite Life on Deck

Knuut was born and grew up in Sweden. He and a woman named Ingrid were very much in love with each other, despite the fact her father disapproving of their relationship. He and his brother took his work very seriously, guarding the life time supply of herring for their city. When Ingrid came to visit them, Ingrid's father, disguised as a bear scared off Knuut and Olaf, both taking Ingrid to safety.

However, the story Ragnar I and his descendants told were a lie. Ragnar I stole the hearing to discredit the Martins twins and pretended to rescue the Herring. Knuut was exiled from Ingrid. Either he or Olaf married and had children, to have at least Kurt, Zack and Cody Martin descend from their family.

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