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Season 1

  • This season was shot between 2004 and 2005 and had 26 episodes.
  • This is the first season of the The Suite Life series.

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Image # Title Original Airdate

USA and Canada

Hotel Hangout.jpg 1 1 "Hotel Hangout" March 18, 2005 102
Zack and Cody make friends with two low-rankers (Max and Tapeworm) in their school, but they later abandon them for the "Drew Crew", the so-called cool kids.
The Fairest of Them All.jpg 2 2 "The Fairest of Them All" March 18, 2005 104
Cody falls for a girl in a beauty contest, and ends up becoming part of the contest by dressing as a girl. The prize: enough money for Zack and Cody to get new bikes.
Maddie Checks In.png 3 3 "Maddie Checks In" March 25, 2005 103
Maddie pretends to be rich so one of London's friends (Jason and Kyle) so Jason will like her. Once this is pulled off, the lie gets bigger and bigger, and Zack and Cody must help Maddie.
Hotel Inspector.jpg 4 4 "Hotel Inspector" April 1, 2005 107
Mr. Moseby's job gets taken by the hotel inspector, Ilsa. It is Zack's fault, and he feels guilty, and tries to set things right. Meanwhile, London's dog Ivana wants a poker party and Maddie is in charge.
Grounded on the 23rd Floor.jpg 5 5 "Grounded on the 23rd Floor" April 8, 2005 101
Zack and Cody get grounded by Carey, and Maddie has to look after them on what could be the most important night of their lives.
Footloser.png 7 7 "Footloser" April 22, 2005 105
Go-Dance USA is at the Tipton and Max and Zack enter the competition. When they get to the finals, Zack hurts himself. Cody, who thinks he is bad at everything, replaces him. Meanwhile, Maddie becomes London's servant.
A Prom Story.jpg 8 8 "A Prom Story" May 6, 2005 111
Maddie is going to go to prom with a guy, but Zack thinks she has a crush on him instead. Meanwhile, when a circus comes to the Tipton Hotel, Cody tries to live the mime life.
Band In Boston.png 9 9 "Band in Boston" May 20, 2005 112
Zack, Cody, Max and Tapeworm form a new band called Rock Squared, which competes with Lance and Maddie's band. Cody leaves the band for a while. London joins the other band but is a bad singer.
Cody Goes to Camp.jpg 10 10 "Cody Goes to Camp" June 6, 2005 113
Cody and Tapeworm go to Camp Knock-a-Number, and Zack is happy that Cody is gone. Zack is initially happy to have his brother gone, but realizes that he misses him. London is going to get her driver's license, but Moseby is pedantic.
To Catch a Thief.jpg 11 11 "To Catch a Thief" June 18, 2005 108
There is a thief in the Tipton Hotel, and Esteban is a suspect. Zack and Cody know Esteban was not responsible, but no one believes them when they find the true culprits. Maddie looks after Ivana.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel.png 12 12 "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel" July 17, 2005 114
The Tipton is holding a secret: It has a treasure. Now the whole gang is after it, including London, who is already rich!
Poor Little Rich Girl.jpg 13 13 "Poor Little Rich Girl" July 22, 2005 110
When her father goes broke, London is forced to move in with Maddie.
Cookin With Romeo and Juliet.jpg 14 14 "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet" July 22, 2005 115
London is falling in love with Todd St. Mark. The only problem is that his father is the owner of the St. Mark Hotel, the rival of the Tipton Hotel.
Rumours.jpg 15 15 "Rumors" August 14, 2005 116
London starts a rumor about Maddie going out with Lance Fishman. Maddie then returns the favor, with bad results. Cody is tired of getting confused with Zack, so he changes his hair—to red.
Rock Star In the House.jpg 17 17 "Rock Star in the House" September 18, 2005 122
Jesse McCartney stays at the Tipton. Zack tries to get his personal effects to sell online, while Maddie and London both think they are meant to be with Jesse forever. Cody tries to enter the local science fair with a laser cutting device.
The Ghost of 613.jpg 19 19 "The Ghost of Suite 613" October 14, 2005 109
Rumor has it is that suite 613 is haunted. Zack, Cody, Maddie, London and Esteban go in there for a night and many spooky things occur.
Dad's Back.jpg 20 20 "Dad's Back" November 26, 2005 119
Zack and Cody's father Kurt Martin drops in for a visit, and the three cause a lot of trouble. Zack sneaks into Kurt's tour bus because it's more "fun", but unbeknownst to him, Carey is going crazy with fun back home.
Christmas at the Tipton.jpg 21 21 "Christmas at the Tipton" December 10, 2005 123
It's Christmas at the Tipton, but everyone is snowed in. Zack, Cody, Carey and Kurt can't go anywhere. Maddie gets greedy when she rigs the "Secret Santa" competition.
Pilot Your Own Life.jpg 23 23 "Pilot Your Own Life" January 6, 2006 118
After listening to a life coach, Cody is inspired to help others "pilot their own lives", but his efforts turn ugly. Maddie and London compete to be "Teen Trends Trendy Teen of the Year".
Crushed.jpg 24 24 "Crushed" January 13, 2006 121
Agnes has a crush on Cody, and Cody hates this. Later on, Agnes loves Zack, and the two hatch a plan to settle things. London's dog Ivana and Maddie's dog Scamp fall in love, and London sadly denies it.
Commercial Breaks.png 25 25 "Commercial Breaks" January 20, 2006 126
Mr. Moseby is filming a commercial for the Boston Tipton, and all the Staff have to audition, including Esteban, Arwin, Patrick, London, Maddie and Carey.
Boston Holiday.jpg 26 26 "Boston Holiday" January 27, 2006 124
A foreign prince comes to the Tipton, but just wants to be a normal boy. Zack and Cody try to help him.

Season 2

  • This season was shot between 2005 and 2006 and had 39 episodes.
Image # Title Original Airdate

USA and Canada

Odd Couples.jpg 27 1 "Odd Couples" February 3, 2006 203
London falls for merit scholar Trevor, and wants Maddie to make her look smart. Cody is tired of Zack's messiness, so he moves into the closet.
French 101.jpg 28 2 "French 101" February 10, 2006 201
Cody and Zack both like a girl who only speaks French. Esteban tries to stop a thief, but can't; instead, London steps in, making Esteban look like a fool.
Daycare.jpg 29 3 "Day Care" February 17, 2006 204
When Maddie has a family emergency, Esteban, Cody, and Zack must take care of Camp Tipton, the day care center.
Heck's Kitchen.jpg 30 4 "Heck's Kitchen" February 24, 2006 207
A famous critic is coming to the Tipton—in disguise. When Chef Paolo walks out, Mr. Moseby enlists Cody, along with the help of Zack and the other staff, to help cook him a meal. But will the critic give a good review?
Free tippy.jpg 31 5 "Free Tippy" March 3, 2006 202
When Tippy is about to be sent off to a lumberjack's mill, Zack and Cody must hide it until they can convince Mr. Tipton to keep it.
4.jpg 32 6 "Forever Plaid" March 20, 2006 205
When Zack and Cody accidentally knock over a lamp, it punches a hole in the wall between suites. They want to see and hear the girls there. Meanwhile, London is attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow with Maddie, and when she sneaks out of detention, things turn awry.
Election.jpg 33 7 "Election" March 21, 2006 206
Zack wants to be school president just for the popularity and power, while Cody wants to clean up the school. With Maddie helping Cody and London helping Zack, who will emerge victorious?
Big.jpg 34 8 "Moseby's Big Brother" March 22, 2006 212
Mr. Moseby's brother Spencer checks into the Tipton with a shocking announcement: his millions are gone. Now he needs Mr. Moseby's help to get back on his feet. Zack and Cody face a similar situation when Zack is hogging a bike that Cody paid for.
Not So Suite 16.jpg 36 10 "Not So Suite 16" March 24, 2006 213
When London hosts her party on Maddie's birthday, all bets are off. Zack, loyal to Maddie, attends her party after trying unsuccessfully to find the perfect gift—but what will she say when she finds out he stole Cody's?
Bee.jpg 38 12 "Neither a Borrower nor a Speller Bee" April 14, 2006 209
Zack owes money to Maynard, the finalist alongside Cody in the local spelling bee, and asks Cody to forfeit to pay his debt. Maddie is doing local charity work with her class, and London keeps showing them up without actually doing any work.
Bowling.jpg 39 13 "Bowling" April 28, 2006 208
Zack is grounded, and can't participate in the bowling contest against the St. Mark Hotel, despite being their best player. Can he help Arwin overcome an old fear in order to redeem himself?
SLOZAC-2x14-keptman.jpg 40 14 "Kept Man" May 19, 2006 216
When Zack befriends a rich Theo, he ditches Cody completely, until he realizes that Theo may just be using him. Maddie and London are trying to take care of a baby simulator for school.
Parallel Universaliser (1).jpg 41 15 "The Suite Smell of Excess" June 2, 2006 210
Zack and Cody are sent to a parallel universe that's full of fun, but how much is too much?
Gold.jpg 42 16 "Going for the Gold" June 10, 2006 221
Arwin participates in the Hotel Engineers' Games, but when his competitor Irv Wheldon cheats, Zack and Cody step in. Meanwhile, London starts a fashion store and recruits Maddie for her business functions.
1 1.jpg 43 17 "Boston Tea Party" June 30, 2006 222
When a local park is to be demolished, Cody writes an essay to the city, but to no avail. Zack discovers that the park may have historical significance, and races against time to get an injunction against the bulldozers. Esteban tries to get citizenship in the United States.
Trip.jpg 44 18 "Have a Nice Trip" July 7, 2006 219
When a slimy guest checks into the Tipton, Zack and Cody discover that he's exploiting a fake injury for free service, but no one believes them.
Ask Zack.jpg 45 19 "Ask Zack" July 15, 2006 224
Zack takes a position in the school paper as the anonymous advice columnist, but begins to abuse his position to get Darlene to like him, until she finds out. London can't sleep, and keeps waking everyone up to help her.
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.jpg 46 20 "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" July 28, 2006 218
What.jpg 47 21 "What the Hey?" August 5, 2006 217
Zack drags Cody to the mall when they miss the morning bus, but soon, their mother shows up and they have to avoid her before she finds them. London tries to get rid of her new stepmother, who shows a little too much interest in her.
Midsummer.jpg 48 22 "A Midsummer's Nightmare" August 11, 2006 211
Zack and Cody have parts in the school play A Midsummer's Nightmare, but the girls they like each like the wrong person, which turns out to be the perfect emotional fuel for the Shakespearean classic. Luckily, they don't have to put up with London's obsessive feng shui fling back at the Tipton.
Translation.jpg 49 23 "Lost in Translation" August 19, 2006 223
After Zack uses Kumiko Mori as his International Day project, he loses her when she goes shopping. Carey, Zack, and Cody must fill in for her performance at the Tipton, where a group of Japanese guests are expecting a fantastic cultural musical. London and Maddie get trapped in a clothes closet.
Volley Dad.jpg 50 24 "Volley Dad" September 8, 2006 227
While Cody tries to stop his mom from getting married, Maddie discovers that she can make London a better volleyball player by getting her angry.
Scarymovie.png 52 26 "Scary Movie" October 13, 2006 228
After Zack and Cody see a scary movie against their mother's permission, Zack begins to have nightmares of zombies attacking him. Meanwhile, London falls for a poor boy and doesn't want him to think she's a rich snob, so she pretends to be destitute.
Ah, Wilderness!.jpg 53 27 "Ah! Wilderness!" November 10, 2006 230
When Zack and Cody join Mr. Moseby's scout troop, Zack turns out to be an excellent fisher and becomes the troop's hero. Cody finds a way to get food from an outdoorsman nearby, but is caught cheating. Back home, their mother must give London and Maddie dating advice for the same boy.
Birdman.jpg 54 28 "Birdman of Boston" November 24, 2006 220
After a mother hawk is scared away from a suite's balcony, Cody takes care of its egg. Mr. Moseby tries to get rid of the bird, and Maddie protests against him.
Nurse.jpg 55 29 "Nurse Zack" December 8, 2006 229
When Carey and Cody become ill, Zack has to take care of them both. During her recovery, Carey ends up winning "Employee of the Month" after she is the only one not to annoy Mr. Moseby in hopes of winning.
Club.jpg 56 30 "Club Twin" January 7, 2007 231
Zack and Cody set up a kids' club in the Tipton's lounge every Monday night, but after Cody's plans fail, Zack takes charge and things go great—until his ideas go too far. London tries out a set of new cosmetics, and Maddie is happy to help—that is, until she realizes that they're flawed.
SLOZAC-2x31-riskitall.jpg 57 31 "Risk It All" January 27, 2007 234
Zack and Cody end up on the game show Risk It All, but when Cody pushes Zack too far, their chance of winning is up in the air. Back at the Tipton, Maddie tries to recover an angry email she sent by accident.
Nugget.jpg 58 32 "Nugget of History" February 23, 2007 236
When Mr. Moseby's grandma comes to the Tipton, Zack asks her for homework help. But when he gets a "D" on the assignment, they confront his teacher. Maddie helps London get a job at the Cluck Bucket.
Miniature Golf.png 59 33 "Miniature Golf" March 2, 2007 232
When Zack is beaten sorely by Ella at minigolf, he enlists Mr. Moseby to help him get better. But when he wins the next round, he becomes arrogant and insulting to everyone else. London starts a book club, but without reading in mind.
Health and fitness.jpg 60 34 "Health and Fitness" March 16, 2007 226
Zack begins to overeat, and Carey makes him quit sugar entirely, and Cody helps Chef Paolo live healthier. Maddie tries to get bigger hips for an upcoming fashion show, and London tries to get in shape.
Back in the Game.jpg 61 35 "Back in the Game" April 6, 2007 237
When Zack and Cody's former basketball teammate Jamie, who is now in a wheelchair, visits the Tipton, they try to get him enthusiastic about playing again. Maddie tries to make a student film, but none of her actors are quite up to snuff.
TheSuiteLifeGoesHollywood1.jpg 62 36 "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 1" April 20, 2007 238
TheSuiteLifeGoesHollywood3.jpg 63 37 "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 2" April 20, 2007 239
Want.jpg 64 38 "I Want My Mummy" May 18, 2007 235
Zack and Cody accidentally send an ancient mummy flying out a window. Cody dresses up as a fake mummy while Zack goes to get the real one to replace him. Maddie, however, wants to sneak the real mummy out, but ends up with Cody instead.
Aptitude.jpg 65 39 "Aptitude" June 2, 2007 233
After taking an online aptitude test, Zack becomes obsessed with power and fame, and Cody becomes depressed. Maddie saves an ambassador's life, and steals the limelight away from London, who is less-than-impressed.

Season 3

  • This season was shot between 2006 and 2007 and had 22 episodes.
Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Graduation.png 66 1 "Graduation" June 23, 2007 301
After Zack fails English class, he hatches a plan to pretend to graduate. Will his masquerade work long enough to fool his parents?
Summer of Our Discontent (Screenshot 5).png 67 2 "Summer of Our Discontent" June 30, 2007 302
Zack has to repeat English class in summer school, and has to make a critical decision: nerd or class clown?
Sink or Swim.jpg 68 3 "Sink or Swim" July 8, 2007 303
The kids at Camp Heaven-on-Earth spread dirty rumors about London to the press, while Zack is back home toiling away in the worst job he's ever worked.
Super Twins.jpg 69 4 "Super Twins" July 13, 2007 305
Zack and Cody wish on a shooting star and get super powers, and now have to defeat evil Mr. Moseby before he turns the world's children into adults.
Who's the Boss?.jpg 70 5 "Who's the Boss?" July 22, 2007 304
Cody does all the work, and Zack does all the credit. Will Arwin's invention help Cody enough to keep his job?
Baggage.jpg 71 6 "Baggage" July 22, 2007 306
Zack and Cody are preparing for a bag-off with a competing mini mart. But while Nia and London are goofing off all night long, they pull the twins along for a ride.
Sleepover-suite.jpg 72 7 "Sleepover Suite" July 28, 2007 307
Zack, Cody, and Nia have to keep up a massive charade as they rent out London's suite to Cody's girlfriend Stacey. That is, until London returns.
The Arwin That Came to Dinner (2).jpg 73 8 "The Arwin That Came to Dinner" August 5, 2007 308
After Arwin's mom moves out, he falls into depression and the twins try to help him, until he becomes more trouble than a moose on the interstate.
Suite Life School Musical.jpg 74 9 "Lip Synchin' in the Rain" August 12, 2007 318
The school is putting on a rendition of High School Musical, but because London is cast as the star, Maddie must lip-sync for her.
First Day of High School.jpg 75 10 "First Day of High School" August 26, 2007 310
The gang is off to their first day at their new high school, but no one's safe: Ms. Militich, the school principal, is on the hunt.
Of Clocks and Contracts.jpg 76 11 "Of Clocks and Contracts" September 15, 2007 309
When Zack sees that Carey is ready to blindly sign her singing contract for Mr. Moseby, he insists on getting her a few extra benefits. Cody, on the other hand, is stuck in the middle of a battle between London and Nia, who both need his help in science.
Wdget.jpg 77 12 "Arwinstein" October 6, 2007 313
Zack and Cody let Arwin's robot, Arwinstein, loose in the hotel during London's Halloween party.
TeamTipton1.jpg 78 13 "Team Tipton" October 27, 2007 312
Since none of the staff at the Tipton can get along, Mr. Moseby orders a motivational speaker to come in and help out. They get more than they bargained for when Zack and Cody let loose hundreds of bugs in the hotel.
Orchestra.png 79 14 "Orchestra" November 10, 2007 311
Cody thinks that his girlfriend is interested in a Russian violin prodigy, so he dumps her but then realizes he wants her back.
A Tale of Two Houses.jpg 80 15 "A Tale of Two Houses" November 17, 2007 314
The boys' father is in town working on a play that runs every Friday night. When he's out, the boys sneak into his place with their dates; will Kurt find out?
Tiptonline.jpg 81 16 "Tiptonline" December 15, 2007 315
Cody produces Yay Me!, London's new webshow, but ends up being a dress-up doll instead. Meanwhile, Zack and Mr. Moseby help each other overcome video game addiction.
Foiled Again.jpg 82 17 "Foiled Again" February 1, 2008 319
Cody becomes a severe mysophobe, but is saddened when he finds out the risk of wanting to skate with Tony Hawk. London and Maddie take private fencing lessons, and fight over the instructor.
Romancing.jpg 83 18 "Romancing the Phone" April 19, 2008 317
After Maddie finds a lost phone, she is certain that its owner and her are meant to be together—until she finds out just who owns it. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody argue over who gets to "borrow" their new friend, Travis, to help them score dates.
Benchwarmers.jpg 84 19 "Benchwarmers" July 19, 2008 316
Zack makes it onto the basketball team, but never gets to play. Cody, on the other hand, forms a cheerleading squad with several cheerleading rejects to face off with the school's "official" squad at Zack's game.
Yay Me!.jpg 85 20 "Doin' Time in Suite 2330" August 9, 2008 320
When Zack and Cody are grounded, Cody is determined to win an Internet award on London's Yay Me! show, but Maddie steps in first.
Let Us Entertain You.png 86 21 "Let Us Entertain You" August 16, 2008 321
When Zack and Cody book their mother a holiday, she's ecstatic that she gets a break from work. They neglect to tell her that they can only afford it if she sings while on vacation.
225480.jpg 87 22 "Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit" September 1, 2008 322
When the head honcho returns to the Tipton, heck breaks loose and he becomes enraged. In order to keep someone from getting fired, Zack and Cody hatch a plan.

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