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Season 1

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Sail.jpg 1 1 "The Suite Life Sets Sail" September 26, 2008 101
Zack and Cody, twins from the Boston Tipton Hotel, board the S.S. Tipton to spend high school at sea. London and Mr. Moseby join them as well, and Bailey and Woody are introduced to the cast.

When Cody rooms with Woody, the two conflict personalities and things get hectic. Though Bailey originally disguised as a boy to sneak aboard, her identity is revealed and she is bunked with London, who forced her roommate to quit school.

ParrotIsland.jpg 2 2 "Parrot Island" September 27, 2008 107
The gang heads to Parrot Island, where London escaped to after being forced to bunk with Bailey. Though they are jailed for being connected to the Tipton organization, will London, Mr. Moseby, Cody, Zack, Woody, and Bailey be able to escape in time to catch the boat before it leaves port?
BrokeN.jpg 3 3 "Broke 'N' Yo-Yo" October 3, 2008 102
After Zack spends all of his and Cody's money on partying, the two are forced to get jobs. When Cody spies an upcoming yo-yo contest, he decides to enter for a chance at the $1,000 prize. Meanwhile, Bailey is sick of London taking all the space in their cabin, so she invents a story to scare London.
Kidney.jpg 4 4 "The Kidney of the Sea" October 10, 2008 103
While Cody helps London and Bailey decide whose pet is smarter, Zack is in hot water for stealing a valuable from a girl whom he adores. The snag, though—he wasn't the one who took it.
Showgirls.jpg 5 5 "Showgirls" October 17, 2008 104
After seeing a distinct anklet is seen on a dancer, London and Bailey recruit Zack, Cody, and Woody to help them uncover the truth—that their teacher, Ms. Tutweiller, was the dancer.
International.jpg 6 6 "International Dateline" October 24, 2008 105
When Cody is forced to repeat the same day over and over, a-la Groundhog Day, he takes the opportunity to win Bailey's affection—no matter how many times he has to try.
ItsAllGreekToMe1.jpg 7 7 "It's All Greek to Me" November 7, 2008 106
Arwin's cousin, Milos, is employed at the ship's next destination, a posh Greek museum. When he accidentally gives out a real necklace instead of a replica, Zack, Cody, and Bailey must help replace the true one before the museum owner finds out.
Sea Monster.jpg 8 8 "Sea Monster Mash" November 14, 2008 108
While Cody and Bailey try to prove the existence of Galapagos Gurdy, a legendary sea creature, Woody, Zack, and London create a massive plant creature using London's power smoothie.
Boo.jpg 10 10 "Boo You" December 5, 2008 110
After a freak accident, Zack and Cody try to make it up to Kirby by helping him pass his high school equivalency test. London tries to embarrass Bailey in public, until she finds out just how much it hurts.
SeaHarmony.jpg 11 11 "seaHarmony" December 12, 2008 111
Cody steals Bailey's romance test answers to try to impress her, only to find out that not all of them were true. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody try to hook Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller up so they won't be so strict.
TheSwamiAndTheMommy2.jpg 12 12 "The Mommy and the Swami" January 9, 2009 115
When Cody and Zack visit an old Swami in India, they find out that he is just an entrepreneur in it for the money. All the while, Padma has returned and needs London to pretend she's actually her roommate.
Maddie on Deck.jpg 13 13 "Maddie on Deck" January 16, 2009 112
When Maddie comes onto the S.S. Tipton for a short vacation, Zack does everything he can to win her heart after she takes to a prince. However, Zack really has to help her, once she finds out that the prince isn't all she hoped he would be.
Wir.png 14 14 "When in Rome..." January 23, 2009 113
The ship docks in Rome and Cody drags Zack to a famous restaurant. But when the staff quits, Cody and Zack have to fill in. London falls for a boy named Luca, until she finds out he is a con man. Then Mr. Moseby and Bailey must help her get a wad of cash back that she gave to the boy.
Shipnotized1.jpg 15 15 "Shipnotized" January 30, 2009 114
London and Bailey go to a hypnotist's show and London suddenly starts acting like Bailey, much to Bailey's chagrin. Meanwhile, the Harvard Dean is on board, and Cody wants to do everything he can to impress him—until his daughter wants to date Zack, who is recognized by the Dean as the resident clown.
Image-madod.jpg 16 16 "Mom and Dad on Deck" February 20, 2009 117
When Zack and Cody's parents are offered full-time contracts on board the S.S. Tipton, they must hatch a plan to keep their parents from harassing them every day. London tries everything she can to find the perfect birthday gift for Mr. Moseby.
TheWrongStuff3.jpg 17 17 "The Wrong Stuff" March 27, 2009 118
While Zack takes charge of the senior's part of the cruise and has to deal with a particularly grumpy old man, Cody and Woody are being tested by London to see who will accompany her to the Tipton's space station. But will she even pick one of them?
027E39.jpg 19 19 "Mulch Ado About Nothing" May 1, 2009 116
When Bailey begins to miss her home, Cody helps to cheer her up by hosting the Kettlecorn Mulch Festival aboard the S.S. Tipton. But when Bailey's ex-boyfriend, Moose, shows up, things go awry.
Cruisin.jpg 20 20 "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" June 5, 2009 121
After Mr. Moseby is injured by Kirby, Connie takes his place organizing the captain's upcoming celebration. But after the captain's gift breaks, London races against the clock to get it fixed in time.

Season 2

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Spy.jpg 22 1 "The Spy Who Shoved Me" August 07, 2009 205
When a secret microchip containing sensitive information is stolen by a woman who appears to be an assassin, a would-be spy attempts to use Zack and Cody to recover it. But when Cody tells Bailey, she wonders if she can trust him.
Ala.jpg 23 2 "Ala-ka-scram!" August 14, 2009 206
After a magic show, London takes after the magician, and Zack tries to hang out with Cody and Bailey, which interferes with their relationship. Desperate, they get Woody to take Zack off their hands for an upcoming music contest.
In the Line of Duty 2.jpg 24 3 "In the Line of Duty" August 21, 2009 203
After Zack's misbehavior gets out of control, he is assigned to be a hall monitor. But he carries things a little too far, and things start to get out of hand. This doesn't help Cody and Bailey, who are trying to find more time to see each other; but with Zack on the prowl and Bailey getting a job, they begin to get separated.
Kitchen Casanova1.jpg 25 4 "Kitchen Casanova" September 4, 2009 202
When Cody fills in for an injured Home Economics teacher, the girls in the class fall for him, infuriating Bailey. Zack accidentally sneezes on a canvas, and when London tries to hand it in for art class, she accidentally finds someone who wishes to buy it for $30,000—but neglects to cut Zack in.
Smarticle.jpg 26 5 "Smarticle Particles" September 11, 2009 201
To win a bet against Cody, Bailey tells London that she has a perfume that makes her smarter. She gets a C on her next test, and begins to do well, until she finds out it's all a scam. With the final coming up, Bailey has to find some way to get London to study again. Meanwhile, the captain of the female wrestling team takes after Zack, and he attempts to get away from her, constantly afraid that she can beat him up.
Family.jpg 27 6 "Family Thais" September 18, 2009 209
Cody makes a "Missing You" video for Bailey while she's visiting London's grandmother in Thailand, but is dragged away by Zack who scores a double date. In Thailand, London is trying to make her grandmother more modern, despite her insisting that she is happy as-is.
Going Bananas.jpg 28 7 "Goin' Bananas" September 25, 2009 204
After Zack steals one of Cody's old papers, Ms. Tutweiller is worried that Zack may have a serious phobia of bananas, and forces him to see the ship's counselor. London's phone is taken away in class, and she has to learn to live without texting for a week. Meanwhile, Woody has become addicted to a game called Better Life, and Cody tries to help him quit.
16gqvl.jpg 29 8 "Lost at Sea" October 2, 2009 207, 208
After a new semester begins, Zack, Cody, Woody, Bailey, and London are all aboard a life raft when it departs from the S.S. Tipton, and floats adrift into the sea. Cody and Bailey argue over who's better at everything, and London goes nuts, thinking she is in a plush hotel, and Bailey helps her to fulfill her hallucinations. Back on the ship, Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller realize that the students are missing, and go try to find them—getting themselves marooned as well.
Dylan-sprouse-doc-shaw.jpg 30 9 "Roomies" October 16, 2009 210
Marcus Little, a famous singer who has left his stardom behind, comes on board and is bunked with Zack, who is sure he has seen Marcus before. Cody tries to impress Bailey at a series of games, but Bailey constantly emerges victorious, even in things she has never done before.
Crossing.jpg 31 10 "Crossing Jordin" October 23, 2009 213
The week's guest singer, Jordin Sparks, comes aboard. Cody, Zack, and Marcus try to write her a song, but are more concerned with becoming a hit than producing something she would want to sing. Meanwhile, London hosts a "friend-for-a-week" contest, and the winner steals her identity.
Bermuda.jpg 32 11 "Bermuda Triangle" November 13, 2009 211
After Zack and Cody rip a $200 birthday check from their mother, they both wish they were an only child. When they enter the Bermuda Triangle, their wish comes true.
Beauty.jpg 33 12 "The Beauty and the Fleeced" November 20, 2009 212
After Zack, Marcus, and Woody create a fake beauty pageant to meet cute girls, Mr. Moseby discovers this and makes them actually set up the pageant. Bailey wants to show London up, and enters the pageant with Cody as her coach.
Swed.jpg 34 13 "The Swede Life" December 4, 2009 215
Zack and Cody travel to Martensgrav, a Swedish town that was founded by their ancestors Knuut and Olaf. But they soon find out that their ancestors are falsely thought to have nearly destroyed the town, and set out to clear their name.
Mother.jpg 35 14 "Mother of the Groom" January 8, 2010 217
Esteban of the Tipton Hotel comes on board to get married, and the boys try to help him relax and party a bit first. But things may be going slippery when Esteban's mother disapproves of the wedding—can Bailey and London convince her to allow it?
19.png 36 15 "The Defiant Ones" January 15, 2010 218
After Cody forgets to do his homework, he invents a series of tall tales to buy him more time. During the panic he's caused, Zack and Mr. Moseby are handcuffed together, and have to experience each other's lives.
Any give fantasy.jpg 37 16 "Any Given Fantasy" January 18, 2010 220
London joins a fantasy football league created by Zack, Marcus, and Woody, and brings her own deal to the table—Kurt Warner. Cody, however, isn't very good at football and wants to improve, so he hires Kirby to help him out.
England.jpg 38 17 "Rollin' With the Holmies" January 29, 2010 214
Cody, a member of a Sherlock Holmes club in Boston, drags Bailey and Woody along to the Sherlock Holmes museum, only to have to solve a real crime—when a rare book belonging to the queen goes missing. Just outside, Zack and Marcus must play a perfect game of croquet after accidentally challenging a pair of champions.
Normal 009.jpg 39 18 "Can You Dig It?" February 12, 2010 223
After Zack finds a crown based on Cody's research, he receives all the credit. Bailey puts on the crown, which is possessed by an ancient queen's spirit, and begins seeking her revenge on Zack.
London's.jpg 40 19 "London's Apprentice" February 26, 2010 219
London offers a million dollars to whoever can come up with the best idea for her dad's new business, and Zack, Cody, Bailey, Marcus, and Mr. Moseby all come up with ideas to present to her. But will they get their prize after Kirby loses the money in safekeeping?
Once.jpg 41 20 "Once Upon a Suite Life" March 5, 2010 225
While their teacher lectures about fairy tales and their significance, Zack, Cody, and London all fall asleep in class and dream their own renditions of famous fairy tales.
Marrage 101.jpg 42 21 "Marriage 101" March 19, 2010 221
When the class is grouped into pairs to simulate marriage, Cody and Bailey break up, London spoils Zack, and Woody and Addison learn what it's like to have children, which sends the entire class for a loop.
Rock.jpg 44 23 "Rock the Kasbah" April 16, 2010 222
Zack tries to help Cody buy a pair of earrings for Bailey that he believes are one-of-a-kind. Back on the ship, London beings forth a magical lamp with a genie; London, Bailey, Woody, and Marcus try to decide who gets the wishes.
I Brake for Whales.jpg 45 24 "I Brake for Whales" April 23, 2010 216
Cody and Bailey lock themselves in the engine room, along with Zack and Woody and turn off the ship's engines after they learn that a group of endangered whales is in their path. Can they hold out long enough when Kirby and Mr. Moseby trying to get things fixed?
Seven Seas News.jpg 46 25 "Seven Seas News" May 7, 2010 224
Ms. Tutweiller's class is assigned to broadcast news that will be seen on board by the passengers of the S.S. Tipton. Zack competes with Bailey as co-anchors, Cody's a field reporter, and London's on weather.
SLOD-2x26-mcdb-suits.jpg 47 26 "Starship Tipton" May 14, 2010 227
The gang heads forward in time hundreds of years to Starship Tipton, where they must set the ship back on course after Zack's descendant set it on a crash course for Planet Bikini.
Mean Chicks.jpg 48 27 "Mean Chicks" June 11, 2010 226
With a seagull hunting Cody, he tries to get Zack and Marcus to help him catch it. Meanwhile, London takes counselling after she bets Bailey that she can go a week without insulting anyone.
Breakup in Paris.jpg 49 28 "Breakup in Paris" June 18, 2010 229, 230
The ships docks in Paris, and Bailey enjoys the company of a young and gorgeous painting prodigy. When Cody sees this, he immediately becomes jealous, but wants to ask Bailey what she's doing. But when she finds London in his arms during a practice date, the two have it out and break up.

Meanwhile, Zack and Woody are being chased by art thieves, and Marcus's identity is stolen by a boy named Dante.

Season 3

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Silent Treatmen.jpg 50 1 "The Silent Treatment" July 2, 2010 305
After breaking up with Bailey, Cody seeks peace by joining a group of monks. Bailey, however, seeks help from Ms. Tutweiller, known for her number of failed relationships.
602504.jpg 51 2 "Rat Tale" July 9, 2010 308
Cody and Bailey fight to see who gets to keep their shared pet rat, Buck, and Kirby is picked to decide who gets him. Meanwhile, Woody believes he has gained special superpowers after being bitten by Buck.
18111-the-suite-life-on-deck-so-you-think-you-can-date.jpg 52 3 "So You Think You Can Date?" July 16, 2010 306
After lying to each other about having dates, Cody and Bailey scramble to find dates before an upcoming dance. Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller face their unpleasant pasts when their personalities clash at the dance.
My Oh Maya.jpg 53 4 "My Oh Maya" July 23, 2010 301
Zack, usually only into girls for their looks, takes a likeness to Maya, a new waitress at the juice bar, and tries what Cody did—exactly—to make Maya like him. Meanwhile, Marcus is forced to deal with Dante, the young singer who impersonated him, who wants to make a life for himself.
Das Boots.jpg 54 5 "Das Boots" July 30, 2010 303
With only enough air for thirty minutes, Zack, London, Woody, and Maya are trapped in London's shoe submarine. Back on the boat, Cody tries to win an important chess game with Marcus as his helper.
Bon Voyage.jpg 55 6 "Bon Voyage" August 20, 2010 304
The Aqua Lounge floods, and Mr. Moseby tries to find the culprit, while everyone assumes they are the one responsible. The gang also says goodbye to Marcus, who leaves the ship to produce a Broadway musical of his hit song.
Computer Date.jpg 56 7 "Computer Date" August 27, 2010 302
Arwin comes on board and builds a computerized system, CALLIE, to control the ship. The problem is, it falls in love with Cody. Meanwhile, Zack reluctantly helps London and Woody pass gym.
Party On.jpg 57 8 "Party On!" September 10, 2010 309
Sean Kingston boards the S.S. Tipton and Zack wants him to sing at Maya's birthday. Sean is in love with London, so Zack has to convince Sean that he's actually singing for London, not Maya. Zack also has to keep Mr. Moseby off his back, and tells him that it's his party, too. Cody goes on a romantic chocolate factory tour with Bailey, because they had tickets from before they had broken up.
War.jpg 58 9 "Love and War" September 24, 2010 311
When Zack promises Maya to be present at a poem convention, he is also invited to play in an important competition of a video game with Cody and Woody. How will he decide where he has to be? Meanwhile, London and Bailey work a day care center on board, and the kids like London better, which gets on Bailey's nerves.
612798.jpg 59 10 "Trouble in Tokyo" September 29, 2010 307
Zack and Cody visit their mom, who is in Japan doing a new commercial; but the three are soon enslaved after Zack costs the company a substantial amount of money. Back on the ship, Woody accidentally gets involved in sumo wrestling and London is hiding from Mr. Moseby so she doesn't have to go to the dentist.
2954981.jpg 60 11 "The Ghost and Mr. Martin" October 8, 2010 310
The ghost of a sunken ship haunts Zack, and he brings Cody and Woody along to recover the ghost's compass, which had been lost in the wreckage. Back on the ship, Mr. Moseby is afraid of playing piano in front of a crowd, despite his skill level, and Bailey and London want to help him do it.
SeniorDitchDay.jpeg 61 12 "Senior Ditch Day" October 22, 2010 320
Senior Skip Day, when all the seniors skip classes, approaches. Zack, London, and Woody go to a posh club, but Cody and Bailey show up (to Ms. Tutweiller's dismay), wanting to maintain their attendance records.
My Sister's Keeper.jpg 62 13 "My Sister's Keeper" November 5, 2010 315
Cody goes out with Woody's sister after finding out she is beautiful, but things go downhill when he realizes just how much like Woody she really is. London, jealous of Zack, tries to find a twin (or rather, someone who is exactly like her) to do all the things she doesn't like doing.
Frozen.jpg 63 14 "Frozen" November 27, 2010 312
When Arturo Vitali retires and visits the S.S. Tipton, London and Bailey try to help him find his muse again. Zack, Cody, and Woody become trapped in an Antarctican research facility with little food, water, or heat.
A London Carol.jpg 64 15 "A London Carol" December 3, 2010 313
Based on A Christmas Carol, London is visited by three ghosts that tell her horrible stories of what Christmas will be like if she does not learn to become more generous.
2842468F.jpg 65 16 "The Play's the Thing" January 7, 2011 314
The entire class submits plays to Ms. Tutweiller. When she chooses Cody's to be enacted by the class, Bailey finds out that it's just a mock of their breakup, and refuses to participate.
Twister Part.jpg 66 17 "Twister: Part 1" January 14, 2011 316
London and Bailey road trip to Kettlecorn for Bailey's grandmother's 90th birthday after London's blimp crashes. Back on the ship, Zack, Cody, and Woody are to play basketball against Mr. Moseby and his brother, until he finds out that he is in fact referring to NBA star Dwight Howard. Cody realizes that he wants Bailey back, and calls her, only to hear that she is in danger.
Debby-ryan-hutch-dano-twister.jpg 67 18 "Twister: Part 2" January 15, 2011 317
Cody arrives in Kettlecorn along with Bailey and London, just in time for ex-boyfriend Moose to arrive as well. As a tornado approaches, the Pickett family and their guests take refuge in the tornado shelter, forcing Cody and Bailey to work out their issues, lest Cody lose Bailey to her ex-boyfriend.
Codybailey.jpg 68 19 "Twister: Part 3" January 16, 2011 318
After the tornado passes, the Picketts find their home destroyed. London's father arrives, and the gang assumes he is there to help, until he announces he has purchased the land and zoned it for a plastic bag factory. After Zack, Woody, and Mr. Moseby arrive, Cody hatches a contrived plan to save the Picketts' farm.
SLOD-3x20-snakes.jpg 69 20 "Snakes on a Boat" March 4, 2011 319
Maya convinces the gang to play Truth or Dare, and things get hectic. Meanwhile, London and Woody accidentally set snakes loose on the ship.
Prom Night King and Queen 2.jpg 70 21 "Prom Night" March 18, 2011 321
When Mr. Moseby cancels prom, the class is forced to hold their own, secret prom. As couples, Cody and Bailey, Zack and Maya, and Woody and Addison go to prom together.
Grad. 9.jpg 71 22 "Graduation on Deck" May 6, 2011 322
Zack, Cody, and the gang graduate from Seven Seas High.


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Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Suite Life Movie experiment.jpg 0 0 "The Suite Life Movie" March 25, 2011 Movie
After Zack causes Cody to lose his internship, the two become part of the Gemini Project. They connect with each other on a new level, but land themselves in an extreme amount of danger.

Unlisted episodes

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Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Secret-photo-on-set-of-Weasels-on-deck-6-im-in-the-band-18017419-615-446.jpg 0 0 "Weasels on Deck" October 11, 2010 Unknown
Note: This is an unofficial crossover episode, listed exclusively as an I'm in the Band episode.

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