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London's Apprentice
Season: 2
Episode: 19 (season)
40 (series)
Production Code: 219
Guest Stars: Windell D. Middlebrooks as Kirby Morris
Brandon Ellison as "Chefinator"
"Can You Dig It?"
"Once Upon a Suite Life"

"London's Apprentice" is the 19th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Bailey, Cody, Zack, and Marcus are in the classroom wondering why they were called in. London comes in and says she has news. The news turns out to be that London has received $1,000,000 from her dad. Uninterested, everyone but London starts to leave. As soon as London says she wants to share it with someone they all come back. London tells them in order to get it they have to invent an item that appeals to the youth demographic. London puts Kirby in charge of guarding the money Kirby promises not to let it out of his sight. Kirby is guarding the money when he accidentally tazes Moseby. After helping Moseby up, Kirby tells Moseby about the $1,000,000 but it turns out it was Kirby's lunch and he had lost the money. Kirby decides to annunce it's missing and asks for help. Bailey is first to show her invention which is an applehead doll. London criticizes it by saying it's a badly dressed apple. Bailey says that he made hers look like Mrs. Gurguly. London says they have the same wrinkles and she gets hit with a purse then London points ot that Bailey made it and then hits Bailey with her purse and they keep getting hit when they laugh at the other. Cody is up next and as he is presenting his invention London answers no to every question. Cody say his invention is a kitchen in a mit which was an oven mit covered in utensils. When he is showing London the ses, he flips an egg on Moseby's head. Zack is up next, an he mentions that his mom calls him "Boy who looks like Cody but isn't smart." Zack reveals his invention, a super suit, London questions its abilities. Zack responds by saying he'll hire a bunch of nerds with the money. Then London pushes him down and laughs. Marcus is up next and reveals his invention, FlushTunes. London thinks it's a toilet phone and tries to make a call. Marcus says if you deposit $0.99 you can listen to songs from the current and previous day. London finds it as distasteful Marcus states that on aerage people spend 4 years on a toilet and that kids love music. A kid uses the toilet and Moseby comes and complains saying the deck is the Sky Deck not the poopdeck. Kirby comes to Moseby, drenched. Moseby thinks that Kirby looked for the money in the pool. Kirby reveals he's sweating he checks the bell and Moseby suggests checking the ficus since it needs watering. Bailey, Zack, Cody and Marcus is in the boardroom arguing over who's invention is the best. London comes in and she is about to announce who's invention is the winner when she gets distrated by her makeup notebook. Zack tries to trick London into saying his name but London shows her makeup notebook and gets distracted again. Bailey mentions London has a really short attention span and gets London's attention. Cody asks whose invention won. London says she couldn't decide. Moseby tells London her dad's on the phone.


  • The title may be an allusion to the 2010 film The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It may also refer to the reality TV show, The Apprentice, in which host Donald Trump has contestants compete to start a business with him.
  • Zack mentioned his suit is supposed to protect the wearer from radioactive spiders and gamma rays, referring to the events which gave Spider-Man and the Hulk their powers.


  • Near the end of this episode, London didn't know what "gloat" meant. However, in "The Suite Life Sets Sail", London correctly used the word "gloating".
  • When Mr. Moseby is being chased by Granny Smith, his pocket hanky was red meaning anger but he was more likely to be feeling fear, which was the color yellow.
  • Even though Cody was badly burned by London, you can't see any burn or red marks on his hand.
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