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| Special Guest = [[Cody Martin]]
| Special Guest = [[Cody Martin]]
| Director = [[Cody Martin]]
| Director = [[Cody Martin]]
| Airdate =
| Airdate = December 15, 2007

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Quote1London Out-Fabs Cody! Get my style by playing London's Suite Styler, Yay Me!Quote2
—London Tipton
London Out-Fabs Cody!
Episode: 1st
Appears In: Tiptonline
Guest: London Tipton
Special Guest: Cody Martin
Director: Cody Martin
Airdate: December 15, 2007

London Out-Fabs Cody! is the first "webisode" of Yay Me! Staring London Tipton, in was, London puts an embarassing moment to Cody. Also, London compares a scarf in her and Cody, in where is fabulous or not-fabulous.

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