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Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea
The group stranded on an island
Season: 2
Episode: 8 (season)
29 (series)
Production Code: 207, 208
Special Guest: Michelle DeFraites as Jenna
Writer: Danny Kallis, Pamela Eells O'Connell
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: October 2, 2009
"Goin' Bananas"

"Lost at Sea" is the 8th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. It is an hour-long feature episode that was previewed during the "Night of Premieres" event on September 25, 2009.


The Kids

It all starts out with the cast being reunited after their third year of high school. Cody has a messed up voice, and Zack pretends to be a welcome buddy to Jenna, a new girl at Seven Seas High, to hit on her. London, who has no more space for her clothes, puts her extras in a lifeboat. Near London's new "closet", Cody is complaining to Bailey that if their relationship is going to last, Bailey has to stop laughing about Cody's voice.


Bailey then kisses him on the lips, fixing his vocal problems. London then screams that there is a rat on her butt, and Cody and Bailey check the lifeboat, only to find a lightbulb on London's butt. Meanwhile, Woody accidentally exposes to Jenna that there are no "welcome buddies", and Zack starts chasing him around all the way to the lifeboat, where the five friends are struggling for space. London pushes Woody to the release button, which he pushes, casting them out to sea.

Bailey nominates Cody as leader, but the two have trouble on which way to go. London gives their food to the sharks, which everyone gets mad for. Zack, Woody, and London then switch their leader to Bailey, who courses their boat west. As Zack, Woody, and Bailey are asleep, Cody and London are up at certain points of time. Cody, to change their course to north, and London, to pour their drinking water in a bottle into the ocean, and write a note, putting it inside the bottle, and sending it out so people can save them. Bailey gets mad at Cody for not trusting her, but they soon land on a deserted island, with a skeleton trapped in the sand. Cody and Bailey break up, and Zack becomes their new leader, as survival is his specialty (because he was a wilderness scout with Cody). Zack gets water, Bailey gets food, Woody and London scout the island for anything else useful, and Cody starts ruffing out a constitution. Because Cody is trying to get Bailey back, he gets distracted and beats up Zack with bamboo and slams him to a mountain.

Cody tries to get food (tree bark) but Woody complains that they're not termites, but Zack gets fish for them to eat, impressing Bailey with his strength, and make her a comfy bed for her and London's hut, much to Cody's annoyance. When Zack, Bailey, and Woody are eating the fish, Zack asks Cody if he really doesn't want the food, and Cody says that he'll catch something better than fish, something with a lower mercury content. But Cody comes back screaming, claiming that he got stung by a jellyfish, but Zack reports it's only a tiny crab, and pulls it off, then eats it. London is convinced by Bailey that they are on a 5-star resort, and she and Woody start gossiping about Zack and Bailey's attraction. Cody makes a trap which backfires on himself, and thinks he's a loser. Later, Zack goes to London and Bailey's side of the beach, and tells them Cody has found them a way to get off the island. Cody has constructed a human-powered "ornathoptor", and London asks that there's a dinosaur ride on the resort, and London's horse Diablo (Woody) says sarcastically that there is, and London ignores it.

After the ornathoptor doesn't work, he makes another plan, and Zack says he'll get the first aid-kit (as a joke). Cody and Bailey get back together, and make a hot-air balloon made out of London's clothes, which takes them back to


the ship, but Zack thought it wouldn't work, but lying, he says he never doubted Cody and his plan. When they reach the ship, London tells Cody and Bailey that she was pretending that she though the island was a 5-star resort, and she only doing it to get out of work. Then Bailey admits they should give more credit on how smart London is. London also gave back the bug that everyone thought she ate it. Woody "reconciles" with the buffet, while Zack goes back to his room (probably).

Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller

The two Tipton employees are drifted out to sea like the kids, and they go through the same thing Cody and Bailey went through, even though Moseby and Tutweiler are not boyfriend girlfriend. The two are stranded on the island the kids were stranded on, and Tutweiler finds a note saying:

Dear Management, I am leaving this resort and never returning. The service was awful, although the minz were delicious.

Tutweiler asked if it was their London, and Moseby says yes, as she spelled mints, m-i-n-z. Tutweiler says that they're never getting off the island, but Moseby says he was a wilderness scout troop leader (Zack and Cody's troop), and if she sticked with him, she'll be safe. Unfortunately, Moseby gets stuck in Cody's trap, and asks for help. The episode ends with Tutweiler saying no.


  • Ms. Tutweiller: I lost my two best students and my three worst students. You know what this is going to do to my grading curve? (blows raspberry) Flatline!
  • Bailey: This is Woody's fault, he pushed the button!
    • Woody: Well, London knocked me into it!
    • London: That's because you all crowded into my closet!
    • Bailey: This isn't your closet!
    • Woody: Yeah, it's our floating coffin!
  • London: I used that bottle to send a note.
    • Bailey: You drank all that water yourself?!
    • London: Of course not. I dumped it out to use the bottle.
    • Cody: What exactly did this note say?
    • London: "Help! We're lost! And out of water!"
  • London: Excuse me sir, where are the boutiques?
    • Woody: Right this way; we have grass shirts, grass skirts, grass pants... grass is really in this year.
    • London: Oooh, grass-ias!
  • Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller: 29 bottles of anything that could re-hydrate our systems on the walls...!


  • This episode parodies the popular sitcom Gilligan's Island, placing the Suite Life characters in the roles of the Gilligan's characters.
  • It is revealed that Ms. Tutweiller calls Cody and Bailey her two best students and Zack, London, and Woody her three worst students.
  • This is Cody and Bailey's first break-up.
  • Once again, Carey, the twins' mom is mentioned when Zack recalls the memory of her saving a buck by sneaking them under the back seat when they were in a Safari Park.
  • Despite being invited to come aboard next semester, Padma, a character from two episodes in the first season, didn't appear in any episodes after "The Mummy and the Swami", including this one. This episode marks the second semester.
  • Cody says the boat is over the Marinas trench and Bailey wants the boat to head to Japan. This likely means that the boat is somewhere in the Phillipine Sea. This also means that Mr. Moseby was wrong to cite the South Pacific gyre because their boats would be in the North Pacific.
  • Since the Coriolus Effect causes trade winds, westwardly blowing winds when close to the equator, Cody and Mr. Moseby were correct that the lifeboat should head west, not north. Bailey and Ms. Tuttweiler do have a case, as the North Pacific gyre would cause an ocean current going north. However, winds are more important to a sailboat.


  • Bailey told London that she was excited that she could stop slouching when near Cody, which implies she was taller than him. But, in some episodes before this one it is shown that Cody is, in fact, taller than Bailey.
  • When Woody says his mom shouldn't use bad words, he has a lantern. But when he steps on Zack, it's gone.