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Lost in Translation
Lost In Translation
Season: 2
Episode: 23 (season)
49 (series)
Production Code: 223
Guest Stars: Kumiko Mori as herself
Originally Aired: August 19, 2006
"A Midsummer's Nightmare"
"Volley Dad"

"Lost in Translation" is the 23rd episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack tries bring a Japanese singer to school as his international research project, while Maddie and London get trapped in London's closet.


It's International Day at Zack and Cody's school and Zack decides to ask a guest named Kumiko, a Japanese opera singer, to be his project. After Zack loses Kumiko, Carey and the boys must fill in as Japanese singers for a convention being held at the Tipton.

Meanwhile, Maddie and London get trapped in London's closet.

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  • Mr. Moseby: (to Kumiko) How was your flight?
    • Kumiko: Too long. It gave me big wedgie. (tries to pull out the wedgie)
    • Cody: I know how you feel. I get one every day at lunch.
    • Zack: And I'm the one who gives 'em to him.
  • Zack: Don't worry. I've got International Day covered.
    • Carey: Bringing in a slice of Swiss cheese doesn't count.
    • Zack: What if I put it on a German kaiser roll?
  • Zack: I can take Kumiko to school tomorrow with my international project!
    • Kumiko: Project?
    • Carey: Uh, honey, we don't refer to our dinner guests as projects, especially when they're holding giant knives.
  • Maddie: Oh, this is beautiful. I wonder how I wear this.
    • Mirror: Wear it to a fruit stand. You look like a lime.
    • Maddie: I thought you had this obnoxious mirror upstairs in Winter World.
    • London: No. I have an obnoxious mirror and all my closets. But they all love me.
  • Maddie: This is hopeless. We’re never going to get out of here. (Gasps) I got an idea! Why don’t we ram the door down?
    • London: Well, what will we use?
    • Maddie: The mirror.
    • Mirror: Doesn’t seven years of bad luck mean anything to you?
  • Mr Moseby: How do you lose a woman?!
    • Cody: You forget to cherish her.
    • Carey: (hugs Cody) Aw, and that's why you're my special little man!
    • 'Mr Moseby: PEOPLE FOCUS! The Nakamura executives are expecting a brilliant Japanese singer in less than an hour and what am I to do?!?!
    • Cody: Mom's a brilliant singer!
    • Mr Moseby: There's just one problem - she's not Japanese!!
    • Carey: Actually, I dated a Japanese guy in college.
    • Mr Moseby, Zack, and Cody: (moan)
  • Maddie: I've always complained about my life, but right now, I realize it's been pretty good.
    • London: Well, of course it is. You have a great life.
    • Maddie: You think so?
    • London: Yeah. I mean, look at all the people who like you. And they must like you for you since you're poor and hideously dressed.
  • Mirror: (to Mr. Moseby about his clothes) Quite the suit, but what's with that tie? The guy couldn't guess your weight?


  • The title of this episode, "Lost in Translation", is an allusion to the 2003 film of the same name. It may also reference the phrase "lost in translation," which refers to the meaning of words or phrases being lost when translated into another language.
  • While Maddie and London are fighting to try and find the mint, you hear London say, "You stepped on my favorite shirt!" Earlier when they first come into the closet, London says that these are the clothes that she thought about wearing, but never touched.
  • This is the last episode where Carey has blonde hair.
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