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Love and War
Season: 3
Episode: 9 (season)
58 (series)
Production Code: 311
Writer: Jeny Quine
Director: Eric Dean Seaton
Originally Aired: September 24, 2010
"Party On!"
"Trouble in Tokyo"

"Love And War" is the 9th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Zack and Maya are finally a couple and Zack must adjust to being in a relationship. Cody teases Zack about having to change for Maya like he did for Bailey (though Woody points out that he was doing things such as participating in her quilting club long before they dated). Initially, Zack is able to navigate throughout the relationship without having to give up being himself. However, he soon faces his first challenge—Maya is chosen to recite a poem at Poetpalooza at the same time as the guys video game team is playing for the world championship. Zack doesn't tell either party about the time conflict because he doesn't want to upset Maya or deal with Cody mocking him for skipping a guys event for his girlfriend. He attempts to run back and forth between the events. It starts off smoothly until Zack runs back to the game while Maya is in the middle of reciting her poem. He becomes too involved in the game and doesn't go back. The boys win the championship, but their celebration is interrupted by an angry Maya. Zack explains what happened and Cody eagerly awaits for Maya to get even angrier. However, Maya surprises everyone by telling Zack she would have understood if he told her in the first place and she's fine with him hanging out with his friends instead of her once in a while. Maya then joins the guys in playing the game, despite Cody's protests. 

Bailey and London help out in the playroom, much to London's dismay. The kids like London more than Bailey, thanks to Bailey atttempting to make the kids do things such as math and learning history. To further add insult to injury, the children tie Bailey to a chair, glue sparkles, glitter, and macaroni all over her, and make fun of her "jokes". Upset, Bailey decides not to help out the next day and leaves London in charge. London gets mad at the kids and starts being mean, only for Bailey to show up and finally connect with the kids using her farm upbringing.


  • This episode gathered the show's lowest documented audience with 2.86 million viewers, the only episode with a count below 3 million.
  • Zack and Mr Mosby’s video game obsession is seen in this episode, the first time was in an episode of the suite life of Zack and Cody.
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