Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Origined of: Italy
Girlfriend: London Tipton (ex-girlfriend)
Uncles: Marcos Findini
Employment: Musican in Italy
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jacopo Sarno
First Appearance: When in Rome...
Last Appearance: When in Rome...

Luca Findini (Jacopo Sarno) is an Italian musician who only appears in "When in Rome...".


Luca is an Italian musician who doesn't work for money. He was a scammer with his uncle, Marcos. His first scam was on London Tipton. The scam consisted of making London fall in love with him. Afterwards Luca would say that he got into Juilliard to study music. He would soon lie and say that Marcos had disowned him and that Marcos would no longer pay for his music school. London would then give Luca the twenty-thousand dollars and Luca wouldn't come back to see her.

Luca then later felt bad about what he did and really fell in love with London. He then tries his own scheme to get the money back with the help of Bailey and Mr. Moseby. He succeeded in his plan and gives the money back. They finally go on a date while the S.S. Tipton is docked in Rome.



  • Marcos Findini - He is Luca's uncle. He was working with him until he fell in love with London and wanted to make an honest living. Marcos was very disappointed in him and they stopped working together.
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  • Bailey Pickett - Bailey was helping Luca get the money back by disguising herself as "Naomi Wyoming". They were pretending that she was the biggest pop star in America and that "Little Mose" was the one who discovered her.
  • Marion Moseby - Mr. Moseby was also helping Luca get the twenty-thousand back by disguising himself as "Little Mose". He was supposedly one of the biggest rappers of all time and he was the one who discovered "Naomi Wyoming".

Romantic interests

  • London Tipton - He originally was just planning on scamming London and succeeded. After falling in love with London he tried to get the money back and succeeded again. At the end of the episode they go on a date.
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