Marcos Findini
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Nephew: Luca
Production Info
Portrayed by: Joe Nipote
First Appearance: "When in Rome..."
Last Appearance: "When in Rome..."

Marcos Findini is an Italian scam artist who appears in "When in Rome...".


Marcos Findini had been scamming people and started teaching Luca how to scam as well. After scamming London Tipton for $20,000, Luca felt bad, and then decided to try and get the money back with the help of Bailey and Mr. Moseby. They succeeded in their plan and Marcos was very unhappy with Luca. Marcos then ran off, along with everyone else besides Luca and London, trying to get over twenty-thousand that London threw in the Trevi Fountain.



Luca - Marcos's nephew. Luca did not feel good about scamming London Tipton. Afterwards, he told Marcos that he wanted to make an honest living. In response, Marcos was very disappointed in Luca and it is unknown what happens afterward.