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Marion Moseby
General Information
Full Name: Marion Moseby
Nickname: Mr. Moseby (By Everyone), Moseby, Marion "The Wall" Moseby
The Meanager
Residence: Apartment in Boston [SLOZAC]
Room C•27, S.S. Tipton [SLOD]
Hometown: Boston
Date of Birth: 1968
Age: SLOZAC (Season 1) 36-37

SLOZAC (Season 2) 37-38

SLOZAC (Season 3) 38-39

SLOD (Season 1) 39-40

SLOD (Season 2) 40

SLOD (Season 3) 41

Status: Alive
Biological Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5′ 6″
Mother: Beulah Moseby
Father: Unnamed Father
Brothers: Spencer Moseby (older brother)
Dwight Howard (half-brother)
Sisters: Lily Moseby
Wife: Emma Tutweiller (Fiancée)
Grandparents: Rose Moseby (grandmother)
Niece: Nia Moseby
Friends: Emma Tutweiller (Close Friend)
Zack Martin (Close Friend)
Cody Martin (Close Friend)
Marcus Little (Close Friend)
Bailey Pickett (Close Friend)
London Tipton (Close Friend/Like A Daughter)
Maya Bennett (Close Friend)
Woody Fink (Close Friend)
Maddie Fitzpatrick (Close Friend)
Arwin Hochauser (Close Friend)
Esteban Ramírez (Close Friend)
Carey Martin (Close Friend)
Kurt Martin (Close Friend)
Nemesis: Zack Martin (former frenemy)
Cody Martin (former frenemy)
Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger
Additional Information
School: University of Hotelery Studies
Occupation: Tipton's Manager [SLOZAC]
S.S. Tipton's Cruise Director/Manager [SLOD]
Talents: Cheerleading
Likes: Emma
Pocket Hankies
Dislikes: Zack and Cody causing trouble
Series Information
Portrayed by: Phill Lewis
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout [SLOZAC]
The Suite Life Sets Sail [SLOD]
Last Appearance: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit [SLOZAC]
Graduation on Deck [SLOD]
Episode Count: 141
Season(s): S1S2S3 [SLOZAC]

Marion Moseby (Phill Lewis) is the manager of the Boston Tipton hotel and later the manager of the S.S. Tipton. He gets annoyed with Zack and Cody's schemes. He also encourages London and always prepares the hotel when Mr. Tipton or someone famous arrives to the Tipton Hotel. He also tries his best to manage the hotel. He also started out as a bellboy in his early years. He was 41 since Mom and Dad on Deck, when it was his birthday. He tends to have a crush on the people he works with such as Carey Martin and Emma Tutweiller. Mr. Moseby lives in an apartment and his older brother, Spencer, and grandmother has appeared in the series. Spencer was once poor and took advantage of Mr. Moseby, and Mr. Moseby dislikes his older brother very much. Marion Moseby's catchphrase is 'Good luck with that'. He also hires the best he can get. He is addicted to a computer game which he plays with Zack, and once had to attend a meeting for other gaming addicts. He is always teased by his short height, the running gag appears more frequently in The Suite Life on Deck than The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, such as Zack teasing that when Mr. Blanket made a 2-foot tall doll figure of Mr. Moseby, Zack said, "Hey Look! Yours is life-size!" (The Defiant Ones)


Early Life

Marion Moseby was born in Boston in 1968 to his mother Beulah Moseby, Marion has a sister named Lilly, and an elder (but shorter) brother named Spencer, he also has a younger half-brother named Dwight Howard who is much taller than he is.

He met Ash Tyler in 1982 with whom he spent two years on the road as a competetitve hand slap team. But on the night of the International Handslap Championship, another man named Derek Jupiter asked Ash Tyler to join the band Iron Weasel. So as a result, Moseby was left without a partner and lost the competition. 

Working in Tipton Hotel

Moesby studied in the University of Hotelery Studies. After finishing his schooling in 1987 he begins working in the Tipton as a bellboy (as revealed in The Ghost of Suite 613). At the time he actually had a head of hair unlike how he usually appears in every other episode of the entire series, as he had an afro-like style.

In 1994, he became a waiter in the hotel's dining service, as shown by the photographs behind his office's desk.

In 2001, Mr. Tipton promoted Marion to the position of manager, when Esteban came to the United States. He once lost his job because of being fired by the hotel inspector, Ilsa, ("Hotel Inspector") but came back days after. He is very stressed when it comes to Zack and Cody, especially since the day they came to the Tipton, which he likes to call "the end of happiness". In 2007, his niece came to the Tipton to be more responsible. In the final months of 2008, Mr. Tipton gave Moseby the job of becoming the new manager of the S.S. Tipton.

Moseby was stuck on the island Zack, Cody, Bailey, Woody, and London were stuck on with Emma (Lost at Sea). It is unknown how he got back on the ship, though nobody seemed to mind that he was gone.

In another episode he won the Tour de France, but was beaten up for not technically being entered (Breakup in Paris)

Mr Moseby dances with Emma at the Seven Seas School Dance. (So You Think You Can Date?) and in The Play's the Thing, Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller officially become a couple, as they cuddle during Cody's play and then sneak off.

In Graduation on Deck, Mr. Moseby proposes to Ms. Tutweiller and she says yes. Marion and Emma head off to start a new life together.

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The Suite Life Movie

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Moseby eventually got a job as hotel manager of the New York Tipton Hotel. He ran into struggling actress/nanny Jessie Prescott who was trying to coax one of her charges Emma Ross out of locking herself into one of the Tipton's hotel rooms. Moseby, citing his own experience with teenagers, gave Jessie some advice on how to deal with Emma's recent emotional upheaval and then offered the key code to her room, in case his suggestions failed. Later, he was on a cell phone call with Cody and mentioned Jessie's resemblance to Bailey. Cody wants to come see this for himself, to the slight horror of Moseby.


Being the hotel's former manager, Moseby was obsessive about keeping it in order. He is usually uptight in a Basil Fawlty-like way, bossy and prone to hysterical fits when things go wrong. He is usually an authority figure in the series and does what it takes to get rid of Zack and Cody out of his hotel. He has shown feelings for the teacher at Seven Seas High, Emma Tutweiller. In a few episodes they are actually together, but these romantic stages end quickly and restart again soon. You could say that they have an on-again off-again relationship, but it is clear that both have romantic feelings for each other. They become engaged in the series finale.

Sl grad 15.png

Moseby is very loyal to the Tipton Industries, presumably because he was practically the one who raised London and looked after like his own daughter.



Mr. Moseby has both brown eyes and brown hair, shaved down to bald. He is of average height and is African-American. He wears professional clothing such as suits and formal attire while working in the Tipton Hotel, which he takes great pride in. He is known mostly to wear a brown double-buttoned suit with a red tie and a cream coloured dress shirt underneath. While aboard the S.S Tipton, he wears brighter coloured suits, likely to keep in line with the bright nature of the cruise ship. He is seen in a pink double-buttoned suit with a matching pink tie and a bot anchor porch sewn on to his right breast pocket. He wears beige shorts with long socks and brown loafers.


  • He is on the American croquet team with two other guys in Connecticut, and he knows all about the sport.
  • He was entered on the American team for the Tour de France, but he was injured before he could actually race.
  • Moseby's birthday was shown in the episode "Mom and Dad on Deck", where it is revealed that his mother always forgets to send him gifts.
  • He was on a roller disco team, but during their reunion in Florida, none of the members except Mr. Moseby showed up.
  • Mr. Tipton knows him very well, possibly because of his high rank in the Tipton organization. But oddly, Mr. Tipton did not recognize him in "Twister: Part 3".
  • He usually says that his name "Marion" belongs to one of his family members, as most feel that it's more common as a woman's name.
  • He appeared in every episode in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", but was absent for 16 episodes in "The Suite Life on Deck".
  • He is shown to be very good at many things (miniature golf, biking, croquet, cheerleading, etc.) but his careers for them ended because of accidents.
  • Mr. Moseby became manager at the New York Tipton after the S.S. Tipton was torn down, as shown during his appearance in Jessie.
  • He tends to stress the letter "P" in sentences, usually spitting as well. A memorable example is when he was chewing out two employees for sloppy work: "Please place the parasailing pamphlets properly in the pamphlet podium!" and the two then wiped spittle off their faces.
  • Marion Moseby is usually a minor antagonist on the show and mostly he is usually would do anything to get Zack and Cody out of their hotel or the boat. Mostly he is usually an authority figure on the series. But deep down he cares about them and is usually an Uncle figure to them.
  • In high school, he was a lonely outsider and a bit of a geek, who usually played Dungeons & Dragons.


Mr. Moseby was absent in 16 episodes of Season 1, 2 and 3 of The Suite Life on Deck. For Season 3, it was primarily because Phill was directing the episode.

Season 1

Season 2

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