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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager[SLOD]
Father: "Coach"
Friends: Zack Martin
Production Info
Portrayed by: Allie Gonino
First Appearance: "Splash & Trash"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Splash & Trash"[SLOD]

Marissa is a competitive swimmer, who has amnesia and is taken aboard the S.S. Tipton.


In the episode "Splash & Trash", Zack develops a crush on Marissa, and tries on many occasions to ask her out, only for her to say, "No." Woody gets the idea that Marissa is a mermaid because they fished her out of the ocean. Woody and Zack go to get towels in the night when they overhear Marissa say that she must get back to the water, which only energizes Woody's belief that she is a mermaid. When Zack hears Marissa and Mr.Moseby talking about how she can't be a normal girl, he too believes she is a mermaid.

Zack confronts her about it, for her to only tell him that she isn't a mermaid, but a competitive swimmer, who never gets a break, and calls her father "Coach" instead of dad. Marissa doesn't know how to relax, so Zack tries to teach her how to relax, which she doesn't quite take to, like most people. She threatens to quit swimming, only to have Zack tell her that she trained her life to be the best and she shouldn't waste it.


  • As noted by Cody during the episode, Marissa's name ironically means "of the sea" in Latin.
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