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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Boston, USA
Friends: Maddie
Production Info
Portrayed by: Monique Coleman
First Appearance: "A Prom Story"
Last Appearance: "Volley Dad"

Mary-Margaret is one of the best friends of Maddie. She is also intelligent like Maddie and she is a good volleyball player. She is not very impressed with London, and sees her as an annoying spoiled brat. However, she sometimes bonds with London because of her money, a fact that Mary Margaret does not deny, and an idea that London is fine with. She is shown to be sarcastic at times and a tough girl, even stepping on Maddie's spoiled brother's foot when he was rude to her. She is portrayed by Monique Coleman.



  • She is portrayed by the fourth actor from High School Musical to appear in The Suite Life series.
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