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Quote1.pngGet it? Me..Mail! "laughs"'Quote2.png
—London Tipton
Me Mail!
Episode: 8th
Appears In: Yay Me starring London Tipton
Guest: London Tipton
Special Guest: Woody
Director: Woody

In this episode London answers fanmail, with Woody.


London opens the show by saying that she will answer some of her fan-mails. Woody tries to talk about him and give himself some credit, but london keeps stopping him and tells him to read the fan-mails. London then answers the fan-mails most of them ironically. The show ends when a "lonley beauty pagent queen" expresses interest in Woody, London says that they are "out of time". She then closes with the theme song, with Woody trying to tell his number behind her, unsuccesfully.


How did you come up with name Yay Me?

Me was my first word, and yay is the same spelled forward and backwards. Like this dress. Shows off Dress.--London

You are very rich, how did your father get rich?

Well,certainly not by giving his secrets away..Alyssa..if that is your real name and Hawaii nice made-up place.--London

Dear London, if you could be any kind of animal which would it be?

Actually, I wouldn't want to be any animal, because none of my outfits would fit..but if I had to choose I would say gold fish, get it?--London