Millicent and Nia in Team Tipton
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager [SLOZAC]
Lives In: Boston
Nemesis: Nia
Employment: The Tipton Hotel as The Candy Counter Girl
Production Info
Portrayed by: Kara Taitz

Millicent is a recurring character in the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She is played by Kara Taitz and is a shy, cautious, and easily scared girl who works at the Tipton Hotel as Maddie's replacement when she goes to Antarctica.


She was brought in to fill in for Maddie, along with Nia, as she was off in Antarctica 'Saving the Penguins' For the most part she did her job fairly well, only showcasing bad skills when intimidated (Which was fairly often) in which case she usually fainted!


She seems to be mostly scared of Nia. Millicent gets nervous and faints a lot. Although, very briefly, she showcased a bit of an outgoing, more confident, persona when she imitated Nia in the episode "Team Tipton" Sadly, this lasted less than a minute as she was quickly reverted back to her cowering self by Nia shortly after. Millicent may be scared of everything but one thing she isn't afraid of is dating. Millicent is seen and mentioned in many episodes that she has many men vying for her heart, including Esteban and Bob.


  • Nia Moseby: Due to her cowardice and Nia's more brutish, blunt, personality, Millicent and Nia are total opposites and Millicent is also completely intimidated by her. It is hinted in the episode "Team Tipton" that Millicent doesn't like Nia very much in general as she was quick to mimic her in a mocking, disrespectful manner during one of the exercises during the "Team Leadership Conference". Likewise, Nia appears to have little to no respect for Millicent as well, although this is how she treats a majority of the people she interacts with. Nia also called her the unflattering nickname "Squirrely-Girl" and when questioned as to whether or not she trusts Nia, Millicent is quick to confirm the negative but tries to cover this up most likely out of fear.
  • Maddie Fitzpatrick: Millicent appears to get along fairly well with Maddie, likely due to Maddie's friendly, gentle, personality. As opposed to most people, Millicent did not freak out after Maddie simply said her name. The two were later seen conversing together before the "Team Leadership Conference" started. Later on during the exercise where one 'Stepped into anothers shoes' when London mimicked Maddie, Millicent was not seen to be laughing or impressed. She later even appeared to come to Maddie's defense after Nia mimicked her where she was quick to mock Nia right after.
  • London Tipton: London treats Millicent the same way she does everyone else, like she's beneath her. She also doesn't bother to learn her actual name and simply refers to her as "Nervous Maddie". Also, during the exercise where one 'Stepped into anothers shoes' Millicent was smiling after Maddie mimicked London but didn't look impressed or amused as soon as London did her own impression of Maddie.\
  •  Esteban Ramírez:Millicent's Relationship with Eseteban was a complicated one. They spent many months in an on and of relationship. When Millicent wanted to take the next step in their relationship Esteban was too scared. After finding out that this was how he felt Millicent broke off their relationship for the final time and joined Christian Mingle to find her new bae.
  • Bob: Bob has had an almost obsessive unrequited reltionship with Millicent. When Bob first saw Millicent he vowed to marry her if it was the last thing he'd do and this has led to many weird and uncomfortable situations. One of Bob's favorite ways to speak to Millicent is to hide behind the candy counter and wait for her shift. Another way Bob speaks to her is by calling her house in the middle of the night. Millicent is far older than Bob and finds his advances somewhat weird and creepy and she has on ocassion asked Nia to stand guard so that Bob might leave her alone. 


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