Milos Hochakopolis
Character Statistics
Gender: Masculine
Lives In: Athens, Greece
Cousin: Arwin Hochauser
Employment: Manager in the Gift Shop of the Athens Museum in Greece
Production Info
Portrayed by: Brian Stepanek
First Appearance: "It's All Greek to Me"
Last Appearance: "It's All Greek to Me"

Milos Hochakopolis is the cousin of Arwin Hochauser. He only appears in It's All Greek to Me. He was an employee in the museum of Athens, Greece, but now he is the manager of the gift shop in the same museum.


When the S.S. Tipton came to Greece, he met Zack & Cody, he gift a replica of the Amulet of Aphrodite necklace for Bailey. But when he came upon an error, he gives the TRUE amulet. Later, they (the twins and Bailey) with Milos goes to replace the necklace; but when the Boss see the twins changing the artifact, he thinks they stole the Emblem, and he fires Milos.

But when London said if he fires Milos she is going to talk with her dad about the Museum. Later, he said he changed the job of Milos, and he puts him as the Manager of the Gift Shop.

Milos later talked with his cousin, Arwin, online about his experience. He thought Arwin was married (seeing the Carey cut-out in the background), but begin to grow suspicious, because there were no wedding pictures sent yet. Arwin then reminded him that money is still owed to him. As Milos try to cover about the situation, he realized the cardboard in the background.

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  • His name is a variation of the Venus de Milo, translated is "Aphrodite of Milos".
  • Milos is played by the same actor as his cousin Arwin.
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