Mischa "Sasha" Matryoshka
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager[SLOD]
Lives In: Russia
Nemesis: Cody Martin
Marcus Little
Production Info
Portrayed by: Cody Kennedy
First Appearance: "Das Boots"
Last Appearance: "Das Boots"

Mischa "Sasha" Matryoshka is a Russian girl that appeared in "Das Boots" as Cody's opponent in the Junior Chess Championship. While Cody saves Maya, Zack, Woody, and London, she gets hit by a shoe. It hits her head and moves a piece and Marcus was then able to beat her.


  • Mischa is called Sasha throughout the episode but is listed in the credits as Mischa.
  • During the chess match, Sasha reveals that she has a file on Cody to know what he has done since he was born in order to learn his strategy and tactics.
  • The name "Matryoshka" may be a reference to matryoshka dolls.
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