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Mr. Blanket
Mr. Blanket.jpg
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: S.S. Tipton
Love Interest: Emma Tutweiller
Employment: Guidance Counsellor
Production Info
First Appearance: Goin' Bananas[SLOD]
Last Appearance: Mean Chicks[SLOD]

Mr. Blanket is a recurring minor character in The Suite Life on Deck. Mr. Blanket is the S.S. Tipton's psychologist. He also made plush figures out of Miss Tutweiller, Mr. Moseby, and Zack. Whenever he believes that he succeeded in a case, he says, "That's the blanket method."


His first appearance is in Goin' Bananas. When Zack stole a paper from Cody's log to turn it in as the history report, Ms. Tutweiller read of a bizarre sentence about the writer being scared of bananas, which Cody edited in so that he can ruin schemes of those who try to steal his paper reports. Mr. Blanket is tricked into thinking that Zack does have an issue in having a fear of bananas. Then, Mr. Blanket blames Cody for the fear and makes Cody wear a banana costume. Blanket then makes Zack pummel him. Zack apologizes to Cody when Mr. Blanket decided to close the case. He also helps Addison to conquer her fear of ping pong balls by putting them right in front of her face just as she and Woody were about to kiss at the end of the episode.

He returned again in The Defiant Ones. Zack and Mr. Moseby are always fighting and fighting, and Mr. Blanket couldn't take it. He at first tried to go easy on them by giving puppet replicas of Zack and Mr. Moseby and showing them his puppet of Tutwieller. Zack ripped the Mr. Moseby plush figure and Mr. Moseby ripped the Zack plush figure. Mr. Blanket couldn't take it anymore and handcuffed them together. He also ate the key (similar to the Tom and Jerry cartoons). Zack and Mr. Moseby couldn't take it anymore; Zack was fed up with all the complaining passengers, and Moseby was angry with all of Zack's work. Then, Mr. Blanket saw that Zack and Mr. Moseby have learned to stop fighting, but the key to unlock the handcuffs won't be out of him for at least a week. He also tries to come close to Ms. Tutweiller near the end of the episode, but she tricks him into falling overboard due to a restraining order that Mr. Blanket stays at least 100 feet away from her.

Mr. Blanket appeared again in Mean Chicks, where London asks him for help to win the bet of not insulting Bailey for a week. Mr. Blanket helps her by giving her a jacket that tickles her every time she insults someone. London succeeds and wins the bet. He also helps Mr. Moseby conquer his recent fear of bees by distressing him, throwing bees at him, and dressing as a giant bee, which results in Moseby pummeling him and getting over his fear.

Despite his eccentricities and bizarre methods, Mr. Blanket has actually proven to be surprisingly effective. When Zack stole a term paper from Cody to hand in, and due to Cody's habit of hiding bizarre paragraphs in each of his papers specifically to prevent that, he was sent to see Mr. Blanket about a supposed fear of bananas. Mr. Blanket theorized that it was a psychological response to Zack seeing himself as a "second banana" to his overachieving and smarter twin. When he forces Zack to confront Cody (who was dressed in a banana costume at the time) Zack admits that Mr. Blanket is correct, and that he never bothers to do schoolwork and avoids assignments because he knows that he'll never match up to Cody intellectually. As noted above, he also was able to help London and Mr. Moseby with their problems, as well as cause Mr. Moseby and Zack to begin to understand each other's viewpoints. This shows that whatever his own issues are and where ever he actually earned his credentials (if, in fact, he did) he is actually a very good psychologist.


Mr. Blanket and his Emma doll

  • Ms. Tutweiller - Mr. Blanket has a crush on Ms. Tutweiller. Ms. Tutweiller finds Mr. Blanket to be creepy, so she put a restraining order against him. Mr. Blanket has a doll of Ms. Tutweiller that he pretends is real. He kisses the doll and buys her outfits.
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  • He wrote a book named The Blanket Method. The book was somehow officially published.
  • He also revealed that if you flip the pages, there's a picture of a bear in a hula skirt dancing.
  • He has a terrible bunny sniffing habit, but he reduced it down to one bunny per week.
  • He acted more of a normal man and psychologist in his first appearance, except for the ending. Mr. Blanket acts more crazy in the next episodes he appears in.
  • The first episode that Mr. Blanket was not given an assigned mission was "The Defiant Ones". He just assigned a mission to himself, for Zack and Mr. Moseby to make them stop fighting, and almost made them having to come meet him daily for at least one year, except on weekends. Mr. Blanket says, "Weekends is coleslaw time".
  • He has a "cupcake break", in which he ices a cupcake with an expression based on the feeling in his stomach, then devours the cupcake.
  • He believes he has the power to "relieve any crew member of their duty and, if necessary, sedate them." It is unknown if Mr. Blanket actually does have a tranquilizer (a tool to aim shots at people to make them go to sleep right away)
  • He really likes coleslaw, so if he finds two people fighting, he doesn't care if the fight is about coleslaw.
  • He’s in love with Ms. Tutweiller (he even has a plush doll of her which he makes out with and changes its clothes).
  • It‘s also implied that Mr. Blanket never went to psychology school but actually taught himself.
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