Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit
Zack, Cody, Moseby, Arwin, and Carey remembering
Season: 3
Episode: 22 (season)
87 (series)
Production Code: 321
Guest Stars: Bob Joles as Mr. Tipton (voice)
Old Characters: Estelle Harris as Muriel
Originally Aired: September 1, 2008
"Let Us Entertain You"
"The Suite Life Sets Sail"

"Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit" is the 22nd episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as well as the series finale. It is followed by the spinoff series, The Suite Life on Deck's pilot, "The Suite Life Sets Sail". This episode consists mainly of flashbacks as the characters remember their fondest moments in the Tipton Hotel.


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There is news about Mr. Tipton coming to visit the Tipton, and if he is in a good mood today, he will give a bonus to one employee. Mr. Moseby is making sure the Hotel will be in excellent condition for Mr. Tipton's visit.

Arwin is fixing a candelabrum, which is over Maddie's candies. Zack and Cody appear walking to the elevator, but Mr. Moseby stops them and tells them they have to be in a distant place, because since they came to the Tipton, all they cause is trouble, and he remembers when Zack & Cody invited all their friends to come to the Tipton on their first day. Arwin falls down, but he is OK.

Later, Maddie went to London's suite to said her if her dad will be bring a bonus for any employee, also Moseby was there to have the bonus. Maddie brings a magazine which said when she saved the life of a Moroccan ambassador and brought many tourists to the Tipton. Also she told her without her, the Hotel will be destroyed by the Twins, because she cares for them many times (remembering when they escape so they could photograph a famous wedding). Also, Moseby replies without him, the Hotel maybe will be a disaster, because he helps the Hotel (remembering when he stopped children who were playing in the Hotel, and when he save the vase which is in the lobby).

In Martin's suite, Zack and Cody go to said Carey about the Special Bonus, Arwin also was there; Carey said to Arwin she let him have the bonus, because without her, the Tipton never would've had the Commercial. Minutes later, Moseby entered in the suite, and said Arwin and the guys they never have to be at the Tipton when Mr. Tipton will be.

Also, Arwin said he let have the bonus, because he invented many inventions in the Tipton (remembering the machine in Who's the Boss?), also for win the Bowling Competition enter the Tipton and the St. Mark. After he said it, Mr. Tipton's helicopter was stopping at the Tipton, but Mr. Tipton's cake falls down onto Arwin's face. Mr. Tipton is angry, and will be firing any employee.

In the lobby, all was nervous because Mr. Tipton will be firing anybody, and the twins appear in the elevator and tell them all they have a plan, but Mr. Moseby said they have broken too many things at the Tipton, such as an old painting. Cody replies, because he saved the Tipton to the Inspector Food, when Chef Paolo didn't want to work.

Zack replies saying he with Cody and their mother replaced Kumiko (a Japanese Singer) when she disappeared. Also, Zack replies again saying they baked many cookies for the Masquerade Ball, but Moseby replied he didn't eat any cookie, but see a Bake Battle (which was thanks to Zack and Cody).

They replied saying they are not the only who fight, because Moseby and his brother once fought, also, Maddie said she will not be fired, because she is the best friend of London, and London said in many times they fight with each other (remembering when they fight for the cover of a magazine, and for a baby simulator).

Maddie replies she didn't destroy the hotel, as London did it when she was learning to drive. London was scared because she thinks she will be fired, but Moseby points out two things to her: 1.) She doesn't actually work at the hotel and 2.) Even if she did, she's the owner's daughter, so they technically can't fire her. Minutes later, Mr. Tipton comes to the lobby (surrounded by his bodyguards) and all was scared, but finally, Muriel (the maid who didn't appear in Season 2), enters in the Tipton, and Mr. Tipton fires her. While Carey catches on to what her sons did, everyone else is confused as to why Mr. Tipton fired Muriel, especially since she retired from her job two years previously.

The twins are finally able to explain their plan: while Carey was helping Arwin clean himself up after Mr. Tipton dumped that cake on him, they called Muriel explained to her how Mr. Tipton had come to the hotel in a bad mood and was planning on firing someone--the twins end their explanation with, "We figured if anyone should get fired, it shouldn't be someone who actually worked at the hotel." Muriel reveals that she agreed to the plan under the pretense of being paid $40--but very grateful to the twins for what they did, Moseby offers to pay Muriel instead. However, he only has $100-bill, which Muriel takes without giving him back $60. The episode ends with Muriel calling for a taxi.


  • Mr. Moseby: (to Zack & Cody) Mr. Tipton is coming for an inspection and I need you two to be somewhere.
    • Cody: Where's that?
    • Mr. Moseby: A little place I like to call anywhere but here.
    • Zack: Why do you always think we're gonna mess things up?
    • Mr. Moseby: I don't think. I know.
  • Mr. Moseby: Let's face it. There's only one thing that keeps this hotel from falling apart.
    • London: Giant magnets in the basement?
    • Mr. Moseby: No. I meant me!


  • It is revealed that Muriel retired two years ago, hence the reason for her disappearance from the series. Her hair is colored white instead of red in this episode.
  • The scene when Maddie and London threw the baby out the window was banned in U.K. in the episode "Kept Man," but was kept in this episode.
  • Despite not being smart, London uses the word "tiffs" instead of "fights." The flashback episode is "Pilot Your Own Life" when she and Maddie compete to be on the cover of a magazine.
  • After Mr. Tipton dumped the welcome-cake on Arwin and the episode eventually cuts to the lobby, Maddie points out to the others that he might not be in a bad mood and that the cake given to him (which was a German Chocolate Cake) could've just been the wrong flavor.
    • Mr. Moseby and London disprove this by explaining that German Chocolate Cake is Mr. Tipton's favorite cake-flavor—in fact, according to London, all of her dad's wedding cakes have been that particular flavor.
  • This was the series finale of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but the series continued in The Suite Life on Deck.
  • This is the final appearance of Muriel and the Tipton Hotel in the Suite Life series.
  • This is also the last episode where Carey and Maddie appear as series regulars in the Suite Life series respectively, although Maddie appears one last time in "Maddie on Deck."


  • Mr. Moseby says that, after the letter sorter disaster, he is still picking stamps off his shorts; however, during the event, not a single letter touches him.


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