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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Senior citizen
Employment: Ex-maid at the Tipton
Production Info
Portrayed by: Estelle Harris
Ashley Tisdale (young Estelle)
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout
Last Appearance: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit (Special Guest)

Muriel is one of the ex-employees of the Tipton, portrayed by Estelle Harris. Her first appearance was in Hotel Hangout. Appearing sporadically until Pilot Your Own Life, she never appears again until the series finale Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit, when she saves someone else from being fired by Mr. Tipton. He fired her instead, not knowing she was already retired.



Muriel as a teenager

1910's - 1930's

Muriel is assumed to be born within this timeframe.

1930's - 1960's

She starts work as the one of the Tipton's maids. During this time, a thief named Alphonse "Hot Peppers" DeLeo tried to get her to be 'his girl', giving her a pendant and stealing half of London's grandmother's money. She had an interview when he was taken away, which appeared in a newspaper. She appeared only in one episode, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel.

1960's - 2000's

She continues working at the Tipton.

2000 - 2008

She continues working at the Tipton, as lazy now as she was when she started the job. In 2006, she retires after more than 40 years. She returns after two years because when Mr. Tipton comes to visit the hotel, and was to fire one employee due to being in a bad mood. Muriel comes because Zack & Cody will pay her $20 for Mr. Tipton to "fire" her, when he isn't aware she was already retired. She leaves with $100 when Moseby asks if she has change for it, and she snatches it from him, quickly saying she doesn't.


  • I'm not cleaning that up. (When there is a big mess)


Muriel, while normally good-natured, is occasionally irritable and snappy, and also depicted as having a love for money. She is hardly ever seen doing her job and is often found just lazing about the hotel doing anything but work. One episode revealed she has been working at the Hotel for 40 - 60 years and even then chose to sit around rather than working. Whenever she comes across a major mess caused by the other members of the hotel she usually says, "I'm not cleaning that up".

Muriel made a return appearance in the series finale to save somebody from being fired by Mr. Tipton, who fired her instead, not realizing she was already retired.

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