My Oh Maya
My Oh Maya.jpg
Zack and Maya at Zack's mock Mulch Festival
Season: 3
Episode: 4 (season)
53 (series)
Production Code: 301
Guest Stars: Zoey Deutch as Maya Bennett
Larry Vanburen Jr. as Dante
Elle McLemore as Gina
Absent: Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett
Writer: Jeff Hodsden, Tim Pollock
Director: Joel Zwick
"So You Think You Can Date?"
"Das Boots"

"My Oh Maya" is the 4th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Zack meets and becomes attracted to the new waitress named Maya. She blends in well and is friends with all the Seven Seas High students. Zack asks everyone how they all knew Maya before him and Cody says that she is the new student who started school the day before but Zack had skipped school on her first day. Zack says that he was observing a religious holiday, but Cody says that it was in fact Secretaries Day and it isn't a religious holiday. Zack says that he is a 'Secretarian'.

Later, London happily tells Cody and Marcus that Bailey went home. Cody drops the towels he's holding and sadly says that maybe Bailey went home because she was in too much pain from their breakup. Marcus says that Cody's pain is definitely too much for him. However, London says that she left temporarily because a tractor fell on her Uncle Clem and she went home to help him.

Zack tries to get Maya to be his girlfriend, but fails, as she already knows that Zack has gone out with every other girl on the ship. Cody comes in and is flicking an elastic band on his wrist and repeatedly saying "ow". Zack asks what the purpose is and Cody says that he hurts himself whenever he thinks of Bailey, so he can stop thinking of her. When Zack explains to him about Maya, he says that Maya is different to the other girls he dated and that he doesn't know what's happening. Cody comes to the conclusion that Zack is actually in love with Maya, but Zack denies this. Cody says that Zack should use his six month plan and points out that it worked with Bailey. Cody then flicks the band on his wrist to hurt himself. Zack doesn't want to use it and instead he tries going out with another girl. However, Zack's date is convinced Zack is an astronaut and also during the date, he keeps seeing Maya's face on other girls. He then says that he's falling in love with Maya, but points to an old woman, causing Zack's current date to end.

The next day, Zack convinces London to be his "girlfriend" to convince Maya that he's a great guy to date, but fails after Maya remarks that London told her that Zack was disgusting, when she asked about him. Zack asks why Maya asked about him and Maya admits that she does have feelings for Zack on some level. London then thinks that Zack is actually her ex-boyfriend and tries to fight Maya. Zack then drags London out, while London remarks why she doesn't know why she dated him. He then finally tries using Cody's six month plan to impress Maya. When obtaining it, he call his mother to ask when her birthday is (the combination of the lock) but the conversation soon turns awkward when she says that it's today. He later says that whatever Cody gave her is from the both of them. When he opens the box, he sees that Cody has made a shrine for Bailey. He then takes a page from his plan and runs off.

Zack later creates the Kettlecorn Mulch festival, but he learning Maya's from New York and doesn't like any country stuff. Zack dunks her head in the corn bob bucket but Maya,soaking wet, stomps on Zack's foot and leaves. When Cody arrives, he gleefully sees that Zack is actually using his six month plan, but is angry that he torn it. When Zack tells Cody that Maya didn't like it, Cody points out that it was specifically designed for Bailey, and that Zack didn't bother to modify it to impress Maya who is different from Bailey. Cody then convinces Zack to just be friends with Maya at first and gives him his elastic band that he can use to hurt himself when he thinks about Maya. Zack then asks Cody if he can have one without blood on it.

Meanwhile, Dante, the boy who stole Marcus's identity in the season 2 finale "Breakup In Paris," arrives on the ship to have Marcus/Lil' Little to produce his next album. But Marcus doesn't accept his offer and tells him to leave the ship. However, Dante says that he has actually stowed away on board and now Mr. Moseby is determined to find the stowaway. Marcus wants to get rid of Dante, but he doesn't tell Moseby that Dante is in his room when Moseby arrives and asks him if he's seen him. Marcus then waits until they docked at the next port to get him off, but notices Moseby is at the gangplank, and he won't let kids off the ship without a parent. Marcus then convinces London to dress up as Dante's "parents", but fails after Moseby realizes he's the stowaway. Dante then convinces him to let him be an entertainer on the ship. Moseby says that he needs Dante's parents' permission for him to be an entertainer, so he gives Moseby his dad's phone number so he can call him. However, when Moseby walks away, Dante reveals that he actually gave Moseby Marcus' phone number and leaves Marcus to answer his phone and pretend to be his dad once again.

Zack meets with Maya and apologises for dunking her head in water. He then talks with Maya and convinces her to be friends. They then go over to watch a sports game and as they leave, Zack begins to repeatedly flick the elastic band on his wrist and say "ow".

At the end of the episode, Cody has fixed the six month plan and it looks as if the page was never torn out. Zack comes in his room and says that Cody's plan has worked. Cody then says that's why it's in the plan and Zack rips out another page, saying that he needs another one. He leaves the room and Cody angrily screams.


  • If Moseby had known that Dante was a stowaway then he should have notified the captain to make an unscheduled stop or wait until the ship was docked at the next port so he could have him removed.
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