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Nia Moseby
Nia Moseby.jpg
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager [SLOZAC]
Nickname: Mia, Tia, Leah, Gia, Cranky Maddie (all by London Tipton)
Lives In: Moseby's apartment
Grandparents: Beulah Moseby (grandma)
Rose Moseby (Great Grandmother)
Uncles: Marion Moseby
Spencer Moseby
Dwight Howard
Aunts: Lilly Moseby
Friends: Zack, Cody, Vance, London, Maddie
Nemesis: Dana Whol
Employment: Candy-Girl in the Tipton
Production Info
Portrayed by: Giovonnie Samuels
First Appearance: Baggage (TSLOZAC)
Last Appearance: Benchwarmers (TSLOZAC)

Nia Moseby (Giovonnie Samuels) is Mr. Moseby's niece. She has a part-time job at the candy counter, filling in for Maddie during her absence. She is friends with Millicent, but they occasionally clash due to differing personalities.


Her purpose for staying at the Tipton for the summer is so Moseby can get her to behave like a proper girl and so she can learn responsibility. One of Nia's aunts, named Aunt Lilly, tried to make her behave like a proper lady, but she couldn't stand Nia so she changed her name and moved to Alaska. According to Mr. Moseby, she was expelled from her last school for fighting. In "First Day of High School", she defended Zack from a jock named Vance, who later become her boyfriend. In an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody it is shown that Nia is very flexible and athletic. Nia also takes advantage of London's's stupidity, once shown by charging her $1,000 for a Thousand Dollar Bar.

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  • Nia's character was created to fill the absence of Ashley Tisdale, who was away at the time to film High School Musical 2.
  • It's never actually explained exactly she's related to Moseby; but, since they share the same last name, the most likely way would be that Nia's father and Mr. Moseby are brothers. However, it's also possible that Mr. Moseby may have a sister and that Nia could have taken her mom's maiden name instead of her dad's last name.
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