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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: Boston, USA
Works: Doorman at the Tipton Hotel
Production Info
Portrayed by: Anthony Acker

Norman the Doorman is the doorman of Boston's Tipton Hotel. He does not usually speak but his voice is heard on a few occasions.


Norman doesn't speak much, but he does say a couple of words in the episodes "Neither a Borrower nor a Speller Bee", "Ask Zack", and "Nurse Zack". Nothing else is known about him, except that he thinks that London doesn't do a very good job as a doorman, and that he wouldn't like to have any of London Tipton's clothes.

In "Nurse Zack", Arwin tried to get the Employee of the Month award by improving the regular door to an automatic door revolver putting Norman out of a job. Norman also said, "Doors without doormen hurt people." He replaced Arwin's blow torcher with bubbles to prevent Arwin from winning the award.

In "Free Tippy", Zack lied to Norman that someone had insulted him, and Norman ran outside while Zack and Cody got Tippy inside the hotel. In "Have a Nice Trip", he was tricked by Holly into giving her money when she promised an order of cookies to him.

In "Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee", Zack asks him for a second amount of money to pay a debt Zack owed to Maynard, and Norman refused. When Zack tricked London into giving him more money, Norman took the same amount of debt that Zack borrowed from him.