Not So Suite 16
London Suite 16
London with Mr. Moseby at her party
Season: 2
Episode: 10 (season)
36 (series)
Production Code: 213
Guest Stars: Kathryn Joosten as Marilyn Fitzpatrick
Bernie Kopell as An Old Man
Writer: Adam Lapidus
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: March 24, 2006
"Books & Birdhouses"
"Twins at the Tipton"

"Not So Suite 16" is the 10th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. With Maddie's 16th birthday party around the corner, she invites all her friends and prepare her party all the week, but when London wants to have her party on the same day, a lot of friction comes between them. Meanwhile, Zack tries to find "the perfect gift" to give to Maddie.


Maddie announces to Esteban and Mr. Moseby that she is having her Sweet 16 party on Saturday. London comes in and announces her party is at the Tipton on Saturday as well. Maddie tells London her birthday was six months ago, but she doesn't care. Cody tells Zack that he got a tea set for Maddie. Zack tries to buy it off Cody, but he won't sell. Cody offers to help Zack pick out a gift. Maddie and London try to lure everyone to their respective parties. London offers gift bags with a flat-screen TV, which lures Cody to the party, but not Zack, as he chooses to go to Maddie's—not before he tells Cody to get him an extra bag.

Zack and Cody go to a jewelry store, but Zack can't afford anything. Maddie's younger brother, Liam, shows up and announces that he needs braces, for which his and Maddie's parents are paying with her party money, so she won't be able to have her party at the Pimento Garden. The twins go to a clothes store, where Cody knocks down a display and they get thrown out. Corrie and Mary Margaret choose London's party over Maddie's, which angers her.

The night of the parties, London's party is taken over by party crashers. Carey is hired to sing at London's party, albeit in the bathroom. London's dad arrives under heavy security. At Maddie's party no one is there until Zack and some bingo players show up and start playing a game. London's parents can't stand to be in the same room, so London is forced to run back and forth. London confesses to Carey that she is upset because her parents can't get along, and half the guests are people she never met. Maddie opens Zack's present and it is Cody's tea set.

Maddie discovers the card from Cody, but forgives Zack because he was the only one to show up. London tries to get back inside the hotel, but the doorman thinks she is one of the posers. London decides to attend Maddie's party and several of the guests follow her (most being those who were originally conflicted over which party to attend, as well as London's father and his bodyguards).

Then Corrie turns the party up by playing hip music and everybody begins to dance. Zack is upset when Cody tells him he gave his gift bag to someone else but quickly changes his mind when Maddie pulls him to the dance floor with her.


  • Grandma Marilyn: So, are you having a good time?
    • Maddie: Not really. I always dreamed of my Sweet 16 as the greatest night of my life, with all my friends, amazing decorations, great presents.
    • Grandma Marilyn: Maybe you don't have all that, but you have something else. A room full of people that love you and want to help you celebrate a special day.
    • Maddie: Except for Liam.
    • Grandma Marilyn: Liam's a dork.
  • Zack: (about Maddie's birthday present) What did you get her?
    • Cody: A tea set, including a China cup with her name painted on it, her favorite tea imported from India and a box of cinnamon sticks.
    • Zack: Well, how did you know she wanted all that?
    • Cody: Because last week, she said to us, "For my birthday, I'd really like a China cup with my name painted on it, my favorite tea imported from India and a box of cinnamon sticks."
    • Zack: What was I doing when she said that?
    • Cody: Staring at her, thinking about that talk we had with Dad.
  • Maddie: London, this isn't fair. Your birthday was 6 months ago.
    • London: So? I can have my party whenever I want.
    • Maddie: I seem to remember on your actual birthday you took a cruise around the Mediterranean. What do you call that?
    • London: Tuesday.


  • In "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana", London said Hannah Montana sang at London's 16th birthday, but she is never mentioned in this episode.
  • Sheryl Crow sang at London's party, but is never seen in the episode.
  • Since London requested that her parents be in separate rooms, we now know that her mother and father don't get along together.
  • This episode was going to be called "It's My Party".
  • The restaurant, Pimento Garden, is a parody of Olive Garden.


  • When London's father's security is moving towards the "East Wing", you can't see any feet in the middle of the circle they form; so, apparently, Mr. Tipton wasn't in the middle of the circle.
  • Moseby tells London she has 29 minutes with each of her parents. Right off the bat, she knows she has 2 extra minutes. However, the basic math required to figure this out is shown to be beyond London in other episodes.
  • When the lady is rushing the boys out of the store, if you look closely, you can see that she accidentally knocks off the mannequin in the background with her elbow while grabbing the boys' shoulders.
  • When the boys are looking for a present for Maddie, Cody runs into the mannequins, and when he falls on the last mannequin, you can see the black mat that Cole falls on.
  • In this episode, Maddie is just turning sixteen and the twins are between thirteen and fourteen, which means that Zack is just two and a half years younger than Maddie. However, in "A Prom Story", Zack says that Maddie is three and a half years older.