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Once Upon a Suite Life
Season: 2
Episode: 20 (season)
41 (series)
Guest Stars: Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller
Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Michael Airington as The Mirror
Writer: Jeny Quine, Dan Signer
Director: Bob Koherr
"London's Apprentice"
"Marriage 101"

"Once Upon a Suite Life" is the 20th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


The gang each have dreams that they all are characters in fairy tales such as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack and the Beanstalk while Miss. Tutweiller lectures them about the history of fairy tales in class.

London's dream - "Snow White"

In her dream, London imagines herself as an evil beautiful queen who believes she is the most gorgeous creature on earth, therefore ordering her huntsman (Mr. Moseby) to kill Snow White (Bailey) when her beauty makes the queen very jealous. Snow White is then warned by the huntsman (who is in a band called "Beauty and the Beasty Boys" and secretly regrets even working for the queen). Snow White runs away to live with three dwarves (Zack, Woody and Marcus), who tell her she can stay if she cleans. Then one day, the queen comes with a basket full of apples, part of her plan to kill Snow White after discovering the huntsman gave the beautiful but unintelligent queen a pumpkin with a face in it and straw glued on for hair. The queen gives Snow White the wrong apple, and then knocks her out with it. Then, after the dwarves return home and find Snow White 'dead', so they dump her body in the forest, where a handsome prince (Cody) finds her and prepares to kiss her. However, she wakes up and sprays the prince with pepper spray in his eyes. Then, when all is forgiven, the prince and Snow White decide to get married after the prince's eyes heal. The queen, meanwhile, returns home and eats the poisoned apple, dying and leaving her magic mirror overjoyed with her departure.

Cody's dream - "Hansel and Gretel"

In his dream, Cody dreams himself as a male version of Gretel and his twin brother Zack as Hansel. He imagines Mr. Moseby as their father. The dream starts off with lazy Hansel complaining about being hungry and wanting to stay home and watch TV (Because "Old Woman" and "Shoe Plus 8!" is on). Gretel then tells him that too much TV will literally rot his brain and they began to bicker when Hansel tells him to, "Can it, Gretel!" and Gretel complains that his preferred name is "Greg", even though their mother wanted a girl and thus named him "Gretel". Their father then tells them that, "The emperor has no clothes!" The excited children turn and see, only to discover that their father tricked them and abandoned them in the forest. Shortly afterwards, a very strange looking squirrel (Woody) is seen eating up all the bread crumbs Gretel dropped to leave a trail in case the two got lost. When Gretel tries to stop him, the Squirrel punches him and then forces a frightened Hansel to give him his hat. Then, Gretel and Hansel come along a house, although Gretel is unaware it is made of candy. When Gretel tries to take Hansel out of the house to look for a house made of tofu, Hansel refuses, and when Gretel tries to get him to go again, a hideous looking witch of an old woman (Ms. Tutweiller) encourages the children to eat as much as they like. Hansel begins to pig out and gains a ton of weight. Once he is very fat, Gretel scolds him for eating the candy toilet, and then Hansel confesses that he ate Gretel's treadmill he ordered to try and get Hansel back into shape. When he looks through the witch's cupboards while she is away, he discovers a pie with a pretty girl's head in the top (Bailey). The child tells them that the witch baked her into a pie and will do the same to them because her diet is fattened children. Gretel then hurries out the door, Hansel slowly following. When Hansel gets stuck in the witch's door from being too fat, he begs for help, and Gretel throws his arms around him and tries to pull him out, although he fails. When he hears the witch's cackles, Gretel uses all of his might to shove Hansel back in. When the witch threatens them for sneaking through her cupboards, Gretel shoves Hansel on top of the witch, crushing her under his massive weight. The witch then explains to them that her pie wasn't eaten because she was lonely, and Hansel and Gretel give her a makeover and hook her up with the squirrel (Woody) after their failed attempts for her to date Prince Charming.

Zack's dream - "Jack and the Beanstalk"

In this dream, Jack (Zack) is told by his mother (Miss. Tutweiller) to sell their cow (Bailey), although he stupidly ends up selling her to a businessman (Marcus) that sells beans and watches. He trades the cow for magic beans that grow a magic beanstalk. Jack climbs up it and discovers an annoying harp (Cody) and a goose that lays golden eggs (London). When the giant that lives up there threatens to eat Jack for trying to take his goose, he chases him and the harp down to his terrified mother. While the harp plays himself to try to get Zack to wake up, Jack's mother repeatedly smacks him to wake him up, although he falls back asleep with the rest of the class who have fallen asleep due to boredom from Miss. Tuttweiler's lecture. This disappoints Miss. Tuttweiler, although she quickly recovers, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get a pedicure.

Casts of Characters

Snow White

  • Bailey as Snow White
  • Cody as Prince Charming
  • London as The Wicked Queen
  • Zack as Lazy
  • Woody as Sloppy
  • Marcus as the Third, Unnamed Dwarf
  • Mr. Moesby as The Huntsman
  • London's Mirror as The Magic Mirror

Hansel and Gretel

  • Cody as Greg/Gretel
  • Zack as Hansel
  • Ms. Tutweiller as The Gingerbread Witch
  • Bailey as The Pie
  • Woody as The Squirrel
  • Mr. Moesby as The Father

Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Zack as Jack
  • Cody as The Golden Harp
  • Mr. Moseby as The Giant
  • London as The Golden Goose
  • Ms. Tutweiller as Jack's Mother
  • Marcus as The Peddler
  • Bailey as The Cow


  • It is uncharacterestic for Cody and Bailey, the two best students in Seven Seas High, to both fall asleep from boredom in class as well. Stranger yet is that Cody actually manages to fall asleep faster than Zack.
  • London's Snow White dream is more of a parody of the Disney version because of the dwarfs having names, a reference to the song, "Heigh-Ho," and London's disguise with the poison apple. The three dwarves also mention the seven dwarves doing a movie seventy years ago, which, given the episode's air date, is around the time Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released.
    • It's worth noting that the two other fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk, have no Disney animated adaptations, discounting the "Mickey and the Beanstalk" short.
  • In London's dream when Snow enters the dwarfs' house (Zack, Woody and Marcus), you can see pizza boxes that say "Pinocchio's Pizza," a reference to Pinocchio, a famous fairy tale character.
  • The outfit Snow White wears is similar to the princess outfit Alex Russo wears in "Graphic Novel", an episode from "Wizards of Waverly Place".
  • Marcus makes a reference to the song "Someday My Prince Will Come" when he tells Miss Tutweiller "someday your prince will come."
  • The students are studying German fairy tales in class, corresponding to the ship's most recent destination. Fittingly, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel are both German stories documented by the Brothers Grimm; however, Jack in the Beanstalk is an English fairy tale.


  • Right before Cody's dream, it is seen that Marcus is to the left of him. At the very end of the episode, where the whole class is seen, Woody is next to Cody now and Marcus is on the ground in between Woody and Cody. This goof appears in numerous other episodes as well.
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