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Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
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Location: Boston, USA
Staff: Sister Dominick
Occupants: Maddie, Corrie, Mary-Margaret, London Tipton

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow is a private Roman Catholic school located in the city of Boston. Maddie has been a student here since kindergarten, and her friends are Corrie, Mary-Margaret, and Leslie. Later London Tipton was tranferred to this school by her father because she was kicked out of all the other schools. Besides teaching the religious Roman Catholic beliefs, the schools also has a gym and a cafeteria, and the students do volunteer work. The teachers are nuns or sisters who are very active within the Roman Catholic church.


  • Maddie used to be known as a good student at the school, but thanks to London attending the school she was given two detention and ruin her reputation.
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