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Padma Srinivasanviswanathan
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: The Suite Life on Deck:
Season 1: 1 and 12
Alias: Maid, Student Maid (all by London)
Brothers: 3 Unnamed
Mother: Gitanjali Srinivasanviswanathan
Aunts: Majula Srinivasanviswanathan
Friends: London
Production Info
Portrayed by: Tiya Sircar
First Appearance: The Suite Life Sets Sail (TSLOD)
Last Appearance: The Mommy and the Swami (TSLOD)

Padma Srinivasanviswanathan was the roommate of London Tipton at Seven Seas High. She appears in the start of The Suite Life Sets Sail, when London gifted her jewelry so she would leave the ship. She later returns in The Mommy and the Swami. Her mom promises her she can come back next semester, yet she never does.


Padma was born in Small Aldea in India to her mother Gitanjali Srinivasanviswanathan (or Buffy) and an unnamed father. Padma is known to have three brothers. She was raised in what London considers poverty in a very small village.


In 2008, Padma comes to the S.S. Tipton for study at the Seven Seas High. She was assigned to share a cabin with London, who mistook her for a maid. London urges Padma to drop out so that she can have her own room but Padma angrily refuses, telling London that there is nothing that she can say to persuade Padma to leave. London responds by offering Padma her choice of expensive jewelry if she agrees to drop out. She accepts, and is seen leaving the ship wearing a large diamond and emerald necklace, singing about how rich she now is and calling for the staff to leave the gangplank so she can go shopping. In The Swami and the Mommy, months later after she left the ship, she returns when the ship docks in India and asks London if she can help her, because when the S.S. Tipton docks in India, her mother comes to visit her thinking she is still a student, when in reality she had gone around the world with her aunt Manjula; by selling off the emeralds from her necklace one by one, she was financing a global shopping trip. When her mother was on the ship, she thinks Padma lost all her Indian Culture, because Mr. Moseby told her she is a country girl, because he confuses her with Bailey's mother. Padma dances on the Sun Deck with London and Moseby (thinking Padma's Mother (Buffy) is an Executive of the Tipton's Hotel), but in the end, Padma's mother is told Padma had left the S.S. Tipton. She promises her mom that she will resume studies instead of going around the world for shopping and come back for the next semester. From what is known, she is currently attending Seven Seas High.

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  • Gitanjali Srinivasanviswanathan - Padma and her mother have a good relationship.
  • Manjula Srinivasanviswanathan - Padma went around the world shopping with her Aunt Manjula.
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  • Her actress portrays Sabine Wren in the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Forces of Destiny.
  • Her actress also portrays Lily Prasad in Miss India America.
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