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Parallel Carey Martin
The Suite Smell of Excess (Screenshot 1)
Parallel Carey with room service
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Suite 2330
Based on: Carey Martin
Employment: Professional Music Artist
Production Info
Portrayed by: Kim Rhodes
First Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]

Parallel Carey Martin is a parallel version of Carey Martin. But, she is almost the exact opposite of the original one. Parallel Carey is only seen in the episode The Suite Smell of Excess, when Zack and Cody went to the alternate universe using the Parallel Universaliser.


In a similar fashion to Parallel Moseby, Parallel Carey is laid back. She is known for ordering Baked Alaska from room service, and she tells the boys that they can order room service whenever they want. Parallel Carey Martin is the opposite of strict; she probably does not know what discipline means. She lets the boys eat junk food and stay up late. One time, she served lollies and jelly beans for dinner, to Zack and Cody's dislike. She shows no regard to Zack and Cody's wellbeing or feelings. Parallel Carey usually bungee jumps of the top of the Fitzpatrick Hotel because it is apparently quicker than the elevator. Parallel Carey is a professional singer; she has a number 1 album: Who Needs Kids?. She is considered VERY popular. She has a crush on Parallel Arwin, yet he shows no romantic interest in her whatsoever, the exact opposite in reality.


Parallel Carey Martin looks exactly the same as Normal Carey but with a few minor differences. For example, mid way into the episode Parallel Carey dyes her hair blue. But this is only like a streak of her hair, also she wears mascara heavily. Other than that, she wears Normal Carey style clothes.


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