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Parallel London Tipton
Parallel London wearing her Fitzpatrick Hotel uniform
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Apartment building
Based on: London Tipton
Employment: Candy-girl in the Fitzpatrick Hotel
Production Info
Portrayed by: Brenda Song
First Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]

Parallel London Tipton is a parallel version of London Tipton. Her only appearance was in "The Suite Smell of Excess". She is a London Tipton of the Parallel Universe where Zack & Cody went in The Suite Smell of Excess.


The Parallel London is the opposite of London. She's a genius, very poor and is the Fitzpatrick's candy-girl. She is like the normal Maddie, since she is the maid of the Parallel Maddie, as Maddie is to London. Parallel London and Parallel Maddie are good friends like their normal selves. She gives candy to the twins, because Parallel Moseby would be angry if they didn't get any. However, she still has the popular surname Tipton.

She also usually insults her universe's Maddie, like the normal one.


Parallel London wears the Fitzpatrick uniform just like normal Maddie does (but wearing the Tipton uniform). She cannot afford the best quality clothes (although it is possible that she has a similar wardrobe like normal Maddie does).


  • Although she is the exact opposite of herself she still appears with her well-known last name (Tipton).
  • She is basically like the real Maddie.
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