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The Suite Smell of Excess (Screenshot 7)
Parallel Moseby with shades and a hat
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: His apartment
Based on: Marion Moseby
Employment: Hotel manager of the Tipton
Production Info
Portrayed by: Phill Lewis
First Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]

Parallel Marion Moseby (or "M") is a parallel version of Marion Moseby. But, He is the almost the exact opposite of the original one. Parallel Moseby is only seen in the episode: The Suite Smell of Excess when Zack and Cody went to the alternate universe using the Parallel Universaliser.


Unlike Normal Moseby, the Parallel version is relaxed and chill. Instead of getting angry, he would just laugh it off and have fun. For example, when Cody got his cotton candy on the couch, Parallel Moseby looked mad, but instead he suggested that they should jump on the couch. And they did. Moseby is also blatantly disrespectful towards the guests staying at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, spit-balling them. This makes the guests extremely angry. Parallel Moseby also enjoys rollerblading and "flying noogies", the latter of which the boys could do without.


Parallel Marion Moseby wears the same tuxedo that the normal Moseby wears, with the addition of a yellow hat and shades. This makes him look much more chilled out. Other than that, he looks the same as normal Moseby.

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