This article is about the episode "Parrot Island". You may be looking for the location.
Parrot Island
Season: 1
Episode: 2 (season)
2 (series)
Production Code: 107
Guest Stars: Stuart Pankin as Simms
Originally Aired: September 27, 2008
"The Suite Life Sets Sail"
"Broke 'N' Yo-Yo"

"Parrot Island" is the 2nd episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. After London escapes the S.S. Tipton, she goes to Parrot Island to hide. Mr. Moseby orders the captain to turn back to Parrot Island, and he, Cody, Zack, Bailey, and Woody have to find her before the ship leaves port.


The S.S. Tipton docks at Parrot Island, and the gang are on the hunt for London. London has been jailed by Simms, who is the pie seller (and also cab driver, police chief, judge of the island, plus many other professions). The reason why Simms dislikes London and jailed her is because her dad cut down all the trees on Parrot Island. Zack and Cody fight over who will be Bailey's partner as they search for London, but she ends up going with Woody. Bailey finds a pig she names Porkers.

Mr. Moseby is the first to find London, but Simms jails him along with her for being close to Mr. Tipton. Bailey and Woody find her next (by asking Simms) and are jailed for knowing London (which Moseby protests to, so they are arrested for owning a pig without a pig license). Zack and Cody get a message from Bailey, telling them that Moseby, London, Woody, and her are locked in jail and need their help. They get this through Porkers, who she let out through the bars to find the boys with the note taped to him.

They attempt to break everyone out, but Simms catches them, and they end up in the jail cell as well. Time is running out for the group, for they only have ten minutes before the boat leaves. They try to plead with Simms again, saying that they will make full reparations for the trees, but to no avail. Bailey becomes depressed, and the twins fight over who will comfort her.

They try to have a spitting contest over who will be with her, but Mr. Moseby stops them, saying that is no way to decide who ends up with her. Mr. Moseby also tells them that she still is not over her old boyfriend, Moose. Zack tells Cody that he can have her because she has too much baggage, thus ending their fight over her.

Porkers shows up, and Bailey tells Porkers to go and get the keys from the drawer of Simms's desk. They are able to break out of the jail with only minutes before the ship leaves. They rush towards the ship, only to see some post cards with what the island used to look like on them.

Simms catches up to them, however, and London is persuaded by Bailey to write Simms a 10 million dollar check to replant trees on the island. When they return to the boat, London ends up getting detention by Ms. Tutweiller and grounded by Mr. Moseby for her escape to Parrot Island, but she finally accepts Bailey as her roommate. It also seems that the island's trees are finally being replanted and the parrots are returning.


  • Mr. Moseby: London, have you called your father?
    • London: I tried, but he's on the Tipton space station and my new cell phone plan doesn't include the moon.
  • London: (to Bailey) I'll be the big sister you've never had.
    • Bailey: Actually, I have six big sisters and three little ones.
    • London: Wow, your mom needs a hobby.
  • Bailey: Look how lush and beautiful this island used to be.
    • London: And now it's a dump, so let's get out of here!
    • Bailey: It's a dump because your father ruined it, and he should fix it.
    • Cody: She's right. It's that kind of corporate greed that's destroying the environment.
    • London: Wow, I mean, this place really did used to be beautiful.
    • Mr. Moseby: Yes, and we can all be sad about it on the boat! Come on!
    • London: And now that it's not beautiful, Daddy doesn't care anymore... kind of like with his first four wives.
  • Bailey: I knew my pig-gram would work! It's how they delivered mail in Kettlecorn until 1995.
    • London: Let me guess, your phone is two cans and a string?
  • Cody: Here, Bailey, this will cheer you up. I ordered it just for you. It's a seaweed smoothie with a broccoli boost.
    • Zack: We want her to cheer up, not throw up.


  • Among the graffiti on the prison cell wall on Parrot Island is the name Jeff Sarver, one of the show's co-producers.
  • From this episode and on Porkers becomes Bailey's pet pig.
  • The line, "We want [her] to cheer up, not throw up," was previously used in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode "The Arwin That Came to Dinner".
  • This is the first episode of the Suite Life series in which Carey is absent.


  • In the beginning, when Cody spills his drink over Mr. Moseby, you can see that his suit is already wet (probably from a previous take).