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Parrot Island
Occupants: Simms
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton
Series: The Suite Life on Deck
First Appearance: "Parrot Island"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Parrot Island"[SLOD]
This article is about the island. You may be looking for the episode.

Parrot Island is one of Mr. Tipton's islands. Its only appearance was in The Suite Life on Deck episode "Parrot Island".


Parrot Island was colonized by the British during the end of the age of exploration in 1762. It was once a popular tourist destination because of its parrots which were introduced to the island by explores when they were returning from the New World.

In modern times, Mr. Tipton purchased the island and began cutting down all the trees, which caused the parrots to leave.


After London left the S.S. Tipton in "The Suite Life Sets Sail", she retreated to her father's villa on the island, where she would hide away from Mr. Moseby and the others. She writes a letter to them, inadvertently naming Parrot Island as her destination.

Following a lengthy search, Mr. Moseby discovers that London has been locked up for what her father did to the island and he, too, is locked up. After Woody, Bailey, Cody, and Zack are all locked up with her, they use Bailey's pet pig Porkers to escape the cell.

However, on their run back to the boat, Bailey discovers a postcard that shows how beautiful the island used to be. London sees it and, regretting her father's actions, writes Simms a check for ten million dollars to help replant the island. Shortly thereafter, the parrots begin to return.

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