Party On!
Party On
Season: 3
Episode: 8 (season)
57 (series)
Production Code: 309
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Zoey Deutch as Maya
Napoleon Ryan as Sebastian Nougat
Special Guest: Sean Kingston
Writer: Jeff Hodsden, Tim Pollock
Director: Joel Zwick
Originally Aired: September 10, 2010
"Computer Date"
"Love and War"

"Party On!" is the 8th episode of the third season on The Suite Life on Deck.


Hip-hop star Sean Kingston boards the S.S. Tipton, and falls in love with London. So, Sean asks Zack to help him impress London, and Zack gets the idea of throwing a surprise party. At the same time, it is Maya's birthday, and
Kus zack en maya
really throws the party for her without Sean knowing. Zack gets Maya's favorite food and entertainment, and she said sports and hot wings. Sean starts to get suspicious, but then believes Zack. But once London arrives at the party, things get shaken up. Sean thinks that the party is just for her, and has no idea that Maya is involved. Zack also says that the party is for Moseby because he threw the party without permission from him, so things REALLY get shaken up; Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey go to a Belgian chocolate factory for a couples tour. But since Cody and Bailey are no longer a couple, they just go as friends. Woody ends up at the factory by mistake. He is trying to eat healthy, but the temptations rise as he is there; At the end of the episode, Sean Kingston sings a song called, "Dumb Love."
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