Prince Jeffy
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Pre-teen [SLOD]
Brothers: Prince Timmy
Nemesis: Zack Martin
Production Info
Portrayed by: Uriah Shelton
First Appearance: "Maddie on Deck"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Maddie on Deck"[SLOD]

Prince Jeffy is a minor character from The Suite Life on Deck. He is an eight-year-old prince who lives in Liechtenstamp.


After seeing Maddie from his tower, he asks his servant to invite Maddie to a party. Maddie accepts, but is disappointed once she learns he's eight. At one point of the party, she accepts Jeffy's "royal sphere of commitment", thinking it's just a bouncy ball.

The next day, she learns that she's engaged, and tries to refuse, but learns that he has declared "Tap-Tap no Give Back" and she is forced to marry him. Zack and Cody then discover that anyone could challenge the prince for his wife. Zack then challenges Jeffy. The prince tries refusing, but Cody reads from a "scroll" (made of toliet paper) that he has to accept, but Zack later learns that the challenge is a joust on giant bouncy balls with pool noodles. Jeffy starts beating Zack, but Maddie kisses Zack, inspiring him and helping him to win the round. After losing, Jeffy surrenders, crying to his mommy and running away like the little child he is.

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