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Princess Zaria aboard the S.S. Tipton confronting Zack

Princess Zaria is an evil Aztec princess who appears in "Can You Dig It?". Cody has been studying Princess Zaria and gets mad when Zack takes all the credit. When they find her crown her spirit later takes over Bailey's body. She then blames Zack for stealing her crown and plans on kidnapping him and having his flesh eaten by red fire ants. When everyone confronts her Cody tries to get to Bailey. They find out Zaria's spirit will return to the dead if they remove her crown and return it to the statue. While Bailey begins to "fight" Zaria, Cody returns the crown back. Zack is saved and gives Cody all the credit. Before they return to the S.S. Tipton, London accidentally unleashes Zaria. The outcome of what happens next is unknown but it is assumed London was saved because Zaria wasn’t seen or mentioned again.

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