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Quick Guy
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Character Statistics
Alter-ego: Zack Martin
Powers: Super Speed
Brothers: Brain Man
Nemesis: The Meanager
Production Info
Portrayed by: Dylan Sprouse
First Appearance: "Super Twins"
Last Appearance: "Super Twins"
Quote1This looks like a job for... Quick Guy!Quote2
—Quick Guy

Quick Guy is the alter-ego of Zack Martin, seen in "Super Twins".


Zack and Cody were upset after Mr. Moseby took their bikes and that, since being kids, had no power to get the bikes back. They then spotted a shooting star and wished to have superpowers in order to become more powerful. Zack was then transformed into Quick Guy, and gained the ability of super speed.


His costume is gold with red sleeves and leggings. He uses a mask because he is trying to keep it a "secret" that he is really Zack. He has black gloves with lightning bolts. Also, his costume uses a big red Q as a symbol for Quick Guy.


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