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Red Finger
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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult [SLOD]
Nemesis: James Smith
Production Info
Portrayed by: Sara Erikson
First Appearance: The Spy Who Shoved Me
Last Appearance: The Spy Who Shoved Me

Red Finger is a spy from the CIA or Condiment Institute of America. Her only appearance is in the episode "The Spy Who Shoved Me".


At some point in the past, she accidentally crushed her finger which causes her pinky to turn glowing red and seemingly become immune to pain. Red Finger seeks a computer chip which contains secret ingredients that could destroy the world. She captures Cody and Zack with her goons, though the two were able to escape. It is later revealed she works for company that produces sandwiches and needs the chip to make her service better. However, Bailey makes the ingredient list public, foiling Red Finger's plan.

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