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Risk It All
Season: 2
Episode: 31 (season)
57 (series)
Production Code: 234
Originally Aired: January 27, 2007
"Club Twin"
"A Nugget of History"
This article is about the episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. You may be looking for the game show itself.

"Risk It All" is the 31st episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody earn a place on a game show, but Cody's greed causes a problem when Zack becomes unable to do the last challenge. Back at the Tipton, Maddie writes an angry letter to Mr. Moseby to vent her anger, but London accidentally sends it, and Maddie must keep Mr. Moseby from reading it.


The twins compete on a game show in which two people complete challenges to earn prizes. They have the option of taking everything they've earned home or risking it all to earn more things. Cody does the mental challenges, while Zack has to do the physical challenges. Zack gets tired out and does not want to do any more physical challenges, but Cody gets greedy and insists that they play to earn at least one more prize. Zack almost manages to finish the challenge, collapsing seconds before he could have won. The twins are given a prize even though they lost everything, and are excited until the prize turns out to be three nights in the Boston Tipton. Cody feels bad for costing them the game, but Carey comforts him and Zack remembers that they get another hotel room (so they will not be forced to listen to Carey's crying). Carey sits down in a chair and begins to cry, hurting herself on the chair.

Meanwhile, Moseby is being mean to Maddie and Esteban, so Maddie types a nasty e-mail to him with no intention of sending it. However, London sends it to him, thus forcing Maddie and Esteban to retreive (and delete) it. They send him downstairs on a wild goose chase while they search for the e-mail on his computer, but they must enter his password (which they do not know) first. He returns and sits at his desk, forcing Maddie and Esteban under his desk. Esteban imitates a rat and Moseby thinks that it's real, running away. He already typed his password in, allowing them to delete the e-mail. As it turns out, he also recieved the e-mail on his phone and read it before they deleted it. He does not fire them, but tells them that next time they feel angry at him, they should just tell him.

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  • Ironically, the greedy twin in this episode is Cody, not Zack.
  • Cody says, "Don't cry little lady. You'll get tears on my blue swede shoes," which is a reference to the Elvis Presley song, "Blue Suede Shoes".
  • The subplot of this episode bares resemblances to the main plot of the That's So Raven episode titled Taken To the Cleaners. Both plots deal with a character writing an angry letter/email to someone which somehow get in their hands, and the characters try to stop them from reading it to avoid getting into trouble.


Maddie: Mr. Moseby, it's an emergency!
Moseby: What is it?
London: (yelling) FLOOD!!
Esteban: (yelling) FIRE!!
Maddie: (yelling) RATS!!
Esteban: Maddie will get fired and have to live poor and alone.
London: She's already poor.
Zack: Man, if we were on that game show we could win the grand prize in no time. I mean you got every question right.
Cody: Yeah, I did.
Zack: And, physical challenges, well, I can handle those with my friends (points to one muscles) Thunder (points to other muscle) and I haven't named this one yet.
London (to Maddie): Whatcha doing?
Maddie: I'm composing an irrate letter to Mr. Moseby in an effort to expunge my inner angst and achieve emotional catharsis!
London: Whatcha doing?
Maddie: Typing.
[After Cody's pants fell down]
Jerry: (laughs at Cody) Oh, nice pants. Like your pants, why don't you come on down.
[Zack runs away, and Cody is tripped by his pants]
Cody: Ouch.
Moseby: You know what, I did not appreciate being sent on that wild goose chase.
London: It was rats. Not gooses.
Jerry: Great crowd, kids. (laughs) You all look like freaks.


  • When Zack falls, he falls in front of the dog house. When Cody is trying to pick him up, he is in the middle of the maze.
  • When Cody had to do the physical challenge (the one where he had to hit the balloon into the hole) the wall behind the hole was black, but when the balloon went in the background was white.
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